Friday, August 28, 2009

Feeling A Little Down!

Michelle & I are going to have a yard sale so I have been going through all of Josie's clothes from the first year. Makes me really miss my baby!!! Everyone says they grow fast but Lord, you don't know until it's your own. I enjoy everything she is doing now and the fun we are having and more to come but I also miss my little 8 pounder laying in my arms sleeping!
Speaking of fun things! Some aren't so fun!!! I had to take the knobs off of our gas stove a few weeks ago. One night I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, Josie likes to push her highchair around the kitchen and she pushed it into the stove. She does this all the time. Next thing I know I start smelling something. She had pushed her highchair into the stove and turned the gas on. So we turned on all the exhausts in the house, opened the windows and headed out to the swing set. The knobs are now off the stove.
Then this past Saturday, Chris and Katie came over for dinner. Josie was playing with her little teapot that has a removable lid on it, she stood up and walked over to the stove and hung it where the knobs should be. I couldn't help but laugh!
Then Tuesday night, I had gotten done using the oven for dinner. She was in the kitchen with me whining wanting me to pick her up while I was cleaning up the mess. She grabbed the stove handle and pulled. She fell and the door fell on her. Luckily she didn't get burned! So now the self cleaning lock is on it.
She is now afraid of all sweepers. They don't even have to be running. All she has to do is see one and cry until you put it up. Don't know what is up with that one, but it's getting old really quick!
Her walking is now almost a run. When she gets in a hurry because she has something she's not suppose to have and she takes off, she puts her head and chest out in front of her legs and goes as fast as she can. Most the time falling to the floor cause she is off balance. Too funny!!!
I've got some new pictures but I don't have them on the computer yet so I'll get that up so you all can see her.
That's it for now!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SERIOUSLY!!! One already!!!

This is going to be a long post but if you hang in there you'll get to see some good pics!
We took Josie to the fair for the first time on Sunday, July 26th. She liked the animals but didn't really care about the cows or the pigs. I mean really, think about it! The pigs are always sleeping and the cows, all you see from where you stand is their butts. So what's so great about that! She really liked the rabbits and petted a couple. The goats she got a kick out of because there were a couple in different pens that kept ramming at each other. Guess they didn't like their cellmates! She had her first corndog. Not really this anal mom would only let her have the breading. But she liked it just the same. We also got her her first ice cream cone. That was funny she was trying to lick at it like a dog.
Papa Doug, Mama Carole and Grandpa & Grandma Jones bought her her first swing set for her birthday and Papa Doug brought it over for Daddy to build. So he and Chris worked on it in the garage and it took them 3 nights to get it all put together.

Saturday, August 1st, Daddy & I took her to the Indianapolis Zoo for her birthday. She bought a monkey and a monkey book when we were done. Here she liked the big animals and the sharks in the petting tank. We didn't let her actually pet one because all she would have done is splash the water and I'm sure they don't want that. We plan on this being her yearly birthday tradition.

(In this photo she has just got done trying her first Spaghetti-O's and her first strawberry smoothie. So far this kid has liked everything we have given her except for carrots! She'll eat them if she's hungry.)

She literally fell asleep in 3 minutes after we left the zoo.
Sunday, August 2nd, we had her birthday party! In attendance was Papa Doug, Mama Carole, Uncle Rick, Aunt Michelle, Riley, Kayla, Uncle Nathan, Aunt Emily, Granny Glodyne, Uncle Barney, Jackie, Jennifer, Becky, Aunt Susie, Dawnna, Nathan Garrett, Austin, Cindy, Allyson, Mackenzie, Madeline, Grandpa & Grandma Jones, Aunt Brandy, Nana Louise, Aunt Vickie, Aunt Sandy, Brad, Penny, Abby, Bopper. I don't think I forgot anyone!
She seemed to have a really good time! Didn't mind at all that there was a bunch of people there she just had fun watching all of the kids.
She absolutely destroyed her cake and ate about half of it. At first she started with just the icing, then she found the cake with her hands. Then once she had so much on her hands she just decided to stick her face in it. Why bother with the hands!

This is what was left of the cake!
Now onto the decorations! If it hadn't been for Aunt Emily coming to help me during Josie's naptime it wouldn't have all gotten done. So THANK YOU Aunt Emily!!!

(The monkey cookies Mikey & I decorated)
As far as presents she got alot of clothes and toys. She got a Build a Bear gift certificate from the Hudoff's which we are going to go spend this weekend.
While she was napping Monday afternoon I opened up all of her toys and got them out of the package. When she woke up from her nap and saw the toys she wanted off of my lap. There was no cuddling to be had from her until she played with her toys. That was quite funny because she always has to cuddle after naps.
On Monday, August 3rd, Her BIRTHDAY!!! she and I went to Kohl's, Michaels and then we went and picked up lunch for us and Papa, Mama & Granny. Josie had her first mashed potatoes, biscuit and green beans from KFC. She ate all of it really good. That night when Daddy got home we opened up what we got her and then we went out to play on the swing set. She had a blast on the slide. She especially liked going down the slide head first on her belly. I figured it would scare her and told Daddy so but then she laughed!

And the little terd is trying to climb the slide already!

Tuesday, August 4th, we went for our first year check up. She weighs 24 lbs 10 oz and is 31.25 inches tall. She is 75 % in weight and 97% in height. Developmentally she is 17 months & 1 week. Smart little booger!
Wednesday, August 5th, she stayed home with Grandma Jones and Aunt Brandy all day and when we got home and Daddy went outside she went to the door after him. This is what I found!

So we may be then next parents on the news! with an escaped kid!!! :-)
Well I think I've bored everyone enough plus I'm tired of typing!!!