Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Softball day!

I don't know if this softball thing is going to stick or not. She's not too keen on going to them, but once she's there she seems to enjoy it. After it is over, she says she had fun. But I think this may not be her "thing." She's so stinking cute out there though, and I love watching them try to figure out what it is they are suppose to be doing.

 photo 20130524-20130524-20130513-IMG_4340-copy_zps422c202d.jpg

 photo 20130524-20130524-20130513-IMG_4352-copy_zpsb44ccfb2.jpg

 photo 20130524-20130524-20130513-IMG_4361-copy_zps5cddd072.jpg

 photo 20130524-20130524-20130513-IMG_4370-copy_zps7ded3367.jpg

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Play Date ~ Digital Scrapbook Page

I thought I would start sharing some scrapbook pages that I make. And the links to buy the products. I decided this month I would try to do Sweet Shoppe Designs May Challenge. This day the challenge was to use Pagemaps as a starting off point. This is what I came up with.

 photo 2013-03-26_zpsa6a90c9e.jpg

List of supplies: Kristin Cronin-Barrow: These Days & The Things You Say
Melissa Bennett: Birds of a Feather
Glitz Designs: Color Me Happy Kit
Studio Basics: Addiction Arrows
Erica Zane: Little Sew Sew

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer's here

Celebrating the end of school and the start of summer, we spent our Monday running around. We went to the greenhouse and Josie picked out some flowers for home.

 photo 20130520-2013-05-20-13-40-48---IMG_0516-copy_zps3050fa5b.jpg

Then we went to McDonald's for lunch and played on the playground a little.

 photo 20130520-2013-05-20-12-05-14---IMG_0508-copy_zpscf11f3af.jpg

 photo 20130520-2013-05-20-12-09-20---IMG_0512-copy_zps928cb1ce.jpg

We went to the shop to see Daddy.

Went home and played in the kiddie pool.

 photo 20130520-2013-05-20-13-40-58---IMG_0515-copy_zpsec12ad93.jpg

And ended the day at a softball game that her cousins got to come see her play. What a great start to the summer!

 photo 20130520-2013-05-20-18-53-11---IMG_0519-copy_zps92fe9013.jpg

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Softball & Toads

I'm really liking my new IPhone. I have used it a lot for just some random photos.

A random shot from softball practice. I think the bag is bigger than her.

 photo 20130518-2013-05-18-10-08-40---IMG_0497-copy_zpse35724ad.jpg

And the toad is still hanging out in the garage. Except this time we found him on the shelf that Daddy is painting for Josie's new playhouse.

 photo 20130518-2013-05-18-15-49-23---IMG_0500-copy_zpsd96ae4e5.jpg

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Sissy's 35th Bday party

Michelle's 35th birthday party, we had at Granny Glodyne's. The kids helped her open her presents and eat her dessert. But what kid wouldn't do that!

 photo 20130517-2013-05-17-20-13-51---IMG_0483-copy_zps2cee2b31.jpg

 photo 20130517-2013-05-17-20-55-06---IMG_0495-copy_zps33e90568.jpg

And Josie was really acting silly this night!

 photo 20130517-20130517-20130517-IMG_1112-2-copy_zpsb6b0ceb1.jpg

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Randomness

Thought I would share some random IPhone photos.

Josie's last day of preschool. :-(

 photo 20130516-2013-05-1608-29-06-IMG_0476R_zpscb5db100.jpg

A toad that has been hanging around in the garage, decided to make the boat jack his home.

 photo 20130516-2013-05-1619-28-32-IMG_0480_zps440c091e.jpg

Josie's last day of school was a Luau party. Mommy stayed and helped out at the craft station. While they were off at other stations, Josie got a face painting done.

 photo 20130516-2013-05-1619-33-09-IMG_0481R_zps9a43f9cf.jpg

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My baby is gone

Where did my baby go? Josie has always laid on the rug in the bathroom for as long as I can remember. It started out as a way for me to be able to take a shower while I was the only one home and I wouldn't have to worry about her. In the beginning, I would strap her in her bouncy seat and she'd come in there with me. Then when she outgrew the bouncy seat, I would lay her on the rug and give her some toys. And she has always just came in there and laid on the rug, even when she was older. And now at almost 5 years old, she still does it. But I do believe the rug is definately too small!

 photo 20130507-IMG_4255_zps065dcae0.jpg

What is something your child has always done that they have definately outgrown now?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Preschool Graduate

I can not believe the time is over! Where has this year gone? Tonight we had our end of year closing program. Josie was super excited. She even chose her own dress and I was thrilled when she showed me the one she wanted to wear. I had bought that for her back in January and couldn't wait for her to wear it. So she thoroughly excited her Momma when it was the one she chose! First stop was her classroom, so while there we had to get end of year pictures with her teachers. This is Miss Gwen. She was the most caring teacher. She treated the kids as if they were her own grand children. And Josie loved her!

 photo 20130514-IMG_4384_zps840596ae.jpg

Next up is Miss Stacey. She came in to help Miss Gwen out after a few months of class. She was a great teacher as well. And Josie loved her just as much.

 photo 20130514-IMG_4385_zpsf661ef3e.jpg

Mommy left after that to go get seats for everyone. Luckily there were quite a few to choose from that were really good seats. We ended up taking a whole pew for our family. Josie is one lucky little girl that can never in a million years say that she doesn't have people that don't care about her. It was really awesome that Aunt Shirley happened to be here visiting and was able to go also.

First they started out singing from their pews. I couldn't really get a good shot of that one, but I did happen to take photos of her before anything started and I'm glad I did.

 photo 20130514-IMG_4388_zps0c1efb6f.jpg

Josie's group of kids were the first up on stage for their performance. My poor "little" girl! She was put right smack in the middle on the back bleacher. I had several comments about her height. "She needs to play basketball, need a recruiter?" "What is Josie standing on?" She's just like her Momma in that sense. I remember all through grade school, I only had two boys that were near my height. Sorry Josie! But it will change when you get in middle school!

 photo 20130514-IMG_4398_zps39155725.jpg

Josie did a wonderful job! She cooperated and did what she was suppose to do. She was quiet for her teachers while they waited on the rest of the classes to do their performances. I'm so appreciate that I don't have a little hellion! LOL

After the program, everyone congregated and we had Miss Stacy take a family photo so Josie could remember everyone that came. Then I took a few individual photos with a few.

 photo 20130514-IMG_4413_zps413f8ce3.jpg

 photo 20130514-IMG_4414_zpsf40f6aad.jpg

 photo 20130514-IMG_4411_zps0462347d.jpg

 photo 20130514-IMG_4415_zps0b0f4881.jpg

After we all left, we all met at Brewster's for ice cream as a celebration and it hit the spot perfectly! Now to get ready for Kindergarten.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Lighting is Back!

And this time we played at Cascades. The girls are really getting the hang of things. They aren't just standing there anymore not knowing what to do. Even a few of them hit Coach pitches and didn't have to hit off the tee. I just absolutely love watching her play softball!

I handed the camera off to Mike so I could concentrate on videoing the game. Then next thing I know, the camera had been handed off to Troy, so he was responsible for taking photos.

 photo 20130513-IMG_4333_zps9cef8a54.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4340_zps2fcc9b59.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4352_zps7c833c3b.jpg

I love how while Coach CC is setting them up in their spots on the field, they all follow her around like little birds. It is hilarious, watching 13 girls following from first to third base.

 photo 20130513-IMG_4359_zps00a82968.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4361_zps839c6efa.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4370_zpsb638c0bc.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4372_zps69018235.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4376_zps0df5fb01.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4379_zps1dddf013.jpg

 photo 20130513-IMG_4382_zps8e0a89f4.jpg

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa & Happy Mother's Day Mama! (& Mommy)

We received some bad new this weekend about my Dad so this birthday was extra special to us. I can not imagine living my life without my Dad. Oh I know the time is going to come that they will both pass, but to even try to comprehend what life will be like without either of my parents or my siblings, is incomprehensible. Anyway, we decided to celebrate Dad's birthday right along with our Mother's Day celebration. We smoked some beef, had some rolls, salad and veggies. And Josie wanted to get Papa a Princess birthday cake, but I talked her into something more manly and she chose Spiderman.

 photo 20130512-IMG_4311_zps3c90feff.jpg

After dinner we had our annual photos with the grand kids and the singing of Happy Birthday.

 photo 20130512-IMG_4310_zps2532a58a.jpg

 photo 20130512-IMG_4314_zpsbbb2b631.jpg

And then it was present time. Mama bought some photo frames that she wanted the kids to decorate something for Papa and put in the frame. Course the girls were all over that and proud of what they had done. Riley on the other hand had too much going on and just wasn't his thing. He told Papa he would get it done though. So for that present he will just have to wait.

 photo 20130512-IMG_4324_zpsf06c9712.jpg

 photo 20130512-IMG_4322_zps88dd8243.jpg

I didn't know what to get him at all. Mom was easy for Mother's day, I found her a really pretty planter at Pier One that was an owl. But Dad, not so easy! Anything he wants, he just goes and gets. So I baked him his favorite cookies from scratch, Macadamian Nut and bought him some scratch off lottery tickets.

 photo 20130512-IMG_4325_zps412a8361.jpg

I hope and pray I have many more years to ponder what to get Dad for his presents! But for now, Happy Birthday Dad, and I love you!

How did you celebrate Mother's Day? I got a hammock from my Josie. Now to find time to use it!
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