Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mickey Mouse 4th Birthday Party

In preparing for Josie's Fifth Birthday party this year, I realized I never posted her Mickey Mouse Birthday party that we threw her last year. Since we were going on our Disney Cruise in September, we had a Mickey Mouse party for her birthday.

We had decorations of every kind, mostly handmade and we had a bouncy house for the kids. They absolutely loved it! And some adults even got in it. (Mama Carole!)

Be ready for photo overload!

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2182-2-2-copy_zps536446a3.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2184-2-2-copy_zps75664df2.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2188-2-2-copy_zpsca2a367b.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2189-2-2-copy_zps4ba3625e.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2190-2-2-copy_zpsbb619ffe.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2191-2-2-copy_zps395fa6e3.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2194-2-2-copy_zpsffd36a87.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2197-2-2-copy_zps615459dc.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2198-2-2-copy_zps4f589969.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2199-2-2-copy_zps27df528f.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2200-2-copy_zpsf9029f3b.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2206-2-2-copy_zpsf0f3e0c4.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2207-2-2-copy_zpsd4f69ccb.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2210-2-2-copy_zps535e2611.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2215-2-2-copy_zps01c6fa5f.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2224-2_8x10-copy_zpsd5601ef9.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2236-2-2-copy_zps7b152c08.jpg

 photo 20120804-20120804-20120804-IMG_2282-2-2-copy_zpsa10b27d2.jpg

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heading Home! California Day 7.5

Well today we headed home. Josie wanted to live in California until we told her she wouldn't have her cousins or her grandparents to play with. Funny thing was, she said that Mama Carole wanted to move to Tennessee, so she'd move there with her. Don't know what that is all about.

Anyway, we had a layover in Vegas. Mike and I neither one, know why we didn't get a room there and stay the night so that we could see some of Vegas. Even with Josie, we could have gone sightseeing. Oh well! We'll go back there at some point.

 photo 20130713-20130713-IMG_5432-copy_zps44e1540e.jpg

 photo 20130713-20130713-IMG_5438-copy_zps826e173c.jpg

Vegas from the air.

 photo 20130713-20130713-IMG_5441-copy_zps526d296b.jpg

 photo 20130713-20130713-IMG_5444-copy_zpsbf2d82e6.jpg

 photo 20130713-20130713-IMG_5447-copy_zps6816e7c4.jpg

And this twerp stayed awake the entire flight home.

 photo 20130713-20130713-IMG_5451-copy_zps4a8e11f4.jpg

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Full Day Resting, California Day 7

We spent our last day just hanging in the pool and resting up for our trip the next day.

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5395-copy_zps11a67514.jpg

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5396-copy_zps56f93ee7.jpg

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5400-copy_zps9c2561cd.jpg

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5408-copy_zpsdf28f585.jpg

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5424-copy_zps092559cb.jpg

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5426-copy_zpsde45329e.jpg

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5428-copy_zpsfae5f697.jpg

And Angel looking through the fence wanting out.

 photo 20130712-20130712-IMG_5406-copy_zpsca3d4e64.jpg

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wineries and Resting Day, California Day 6

We rode through the mountains on some back roads to the local wineries. It was absolutely gorgeous.

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5327-copy_zpsfa40e215.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5331-copy_zps3d5b4dbe.jpg

Our first stop was Wente Winery. It was really pretty there and they had some very good wines. It is the oldest continuously operated family winery. That says something in this day and age.

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5339-copy_zps0757edcd.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5341-copy_zps559c47c3.jpg

While we were tasting the lady told us that there was two more wineries to go see. One was just right across the parking lot. So we bought our stash at this winery and headed to the next.

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5342-copy_zps0d28bfc7.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5343-copy_zps65fee75a.jpg

By the time we were done we had hit three wineries and Brandy & I tasted at each of them. While Jim played with and occupied Josie.

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5344-copy_zps330c2c49.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5360-copy_zps4325138b.jpg

We then headed back and laid out in the pool. After eating supper, we walked down to the "lake" there at their housing edition. Mikey & Jim fished and Josie, Brandy & I fed the ducks.

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5370-copy_zpsfacb9698.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5372-copy_zpsaf3d4cf4.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5375-copy_zps23e5f8e0.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5376-copy_zps2184f8c7.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5377-copy_zps9f458f73.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5379-copy_zps93b3252d.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5384-copy_zps952e9997.jpg

 photo 20130711-20130711-IMG_5385-copy_zps2e81142b.jpg

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