Friday, April 26, 2013

Are we crazy?

Josie had her first sleepover. When we got to our house, immediately, the girls were on the instruments. You couldn't even hear yourself think, but they were enjoying themselves. We had the drums, guitar, recorder and piano going. Our own little band!

When Daddy got home, we took them to Macri's to eat. Josie wanted to take Abby there.

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 photo 20130426-IMG_4206_zpsf96607f0.jpg

When we got home we played Pop the Pig.

 photo 20130426-IMG_4216_zpsc797123c.jpg

And then the band came back out!

 photo 20130426-IMG_4212_zps04bc36b1.jpg

 photo 20130426-IMG_4215_zpse61d42c7.jpg

What fun things do you do at a sleepover?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'll fix it!

Welcome to Josie's garage! She goes to work with Mike sometimes and helps work on cars. Today she had out her screwdrivers working on her bike that she claimed was broke.

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 photo 20130423-IMG_4194_zps6484d255.jpg

She might grow up to be a mechanic! That would definatley make her Daddy proud.

What does your child immitate that you or your husband do?

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Patience and Tolerance

That is what a Doberman has. I don't understand the rap these dogs get. If you've ever been around one for more than an hour, you would know they are the most patient and tolerant dog. Poor Gertie, she gets yelled at, hit on, wallered on, drug around and put out of rooms when Josie doesn't want her. But she just sits there and does as she is asked by her four year old master. These two have the relationship that I wanted Josie to experience growing up. Nothing beats having a dog!

 photo 20130421-IMG_4191_zpsb909fb65.jpg

This particular day, Josie was in the mood for Gertie to be her sister. She was bossing her and laying with her, rolling all over her. And then, they are gone. I look in the kitchen and Josie is on her knees by Gertie's dog bowls pretending to be a dog. Before it was all said and done, Josie had some of her own bowls in the floor and was eating and drinking like Gertie! This pic will be blackmail some day! LOL

 photo 20130421-IMG_4187_zpsbb77108c.jpg

What is the best breed of dog you've ever had?
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Year of Softball

The day is here! I have been waiting for Josie to be able to play softball. I am so excited and I really hope she likes it. Time will tell. Her coaches are a husband and wife team. They are IU students. She has Coach CC and Coach Kelly. They do really well with the kids and its fun watching all the kids trying to comprehend what they are telling them. Josie just nods her head when they talk to her. I don't think she gets it quite yet.

 photo 20130410-IMG_4175_zps0cf3588d.jpg

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 photo 20130410-IMG_4166_zps2db3cf55.jpg

 photo 20130410-IMG_4171_zps7a8d4228.jpg

We even had the drawing in the sand with our bats before practice was over. This gets me everytime!

 photo 20130410-IMG_4172_zps4e12bd12.jpg

 photo 20130410-IMG_4174_zpsc1c856d0.jpg

Which does your child do? Draw in the sand or toss his/her mitt in the air?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

BUGS Gymnastics Program

The girls had their gymnastics program this year at the new BUGS gymnasium. It was so much better than the year before. Not only was the place bigger and they split it up into two shows, but we actually got to see the girls do more than just a dance. It was really nice and I hope they do it this way again next year. All Grandparents were there, Uncle Nathan & Aunt Emily and Troy & Alyssa came. I have photos of everyone but they are all on my cell phone and I haven't started working on getting them off there. Add that to my to do list. I will post them all though once I get them off.

 photo 20130406-IMG_4143_zps4cc90790.jpg

 photo 20130406-IMG_4147_zps05c3184c.jpg

 photo 20130406-IMG_4150_zps3a0ad1d0.jpg Josie's in the upper Right.

 photo 20130406-IMG_4154_zps42976a95.jpg

 photo 20130406-IMG_4159_zps291c480a.jpg

After the program was over, we all went to Macri's and had dinner. What a great way to end the night.

How did you spend your weekend?

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