Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and our Helicopter Ride

Sunday morning Josie and I awoke and the Easter bunny had came! Daddy was fishing, so he wasn't there to see it all. Josie was so excited for everything the Bunny brought her. She got a princess tshirt, some makeup, princess Build a Bear, and some American Girl stuff, just to name a few.

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After that, we got ready to head to church. The kids had a hunt there as well.

 photo 20130331-IMG_4118_zpsfa6a3471.jpg

We went to Granny's after that with Dad & Mom and had some left overs while we waited on Daddy to get home. Once he got home, we went to Nana's. I forgot the camera in the car, so I don't have any photos there.

Then after that we headed to Dad & Mom's to have the Richardson Easter and the "smashing of the eggs." (I LOVE this part!) After dinner, the bunny hid all of the eggs, for the kids to find. I think the number this year was 110+. Hard to hide that many eggs. I sure feel sorry for the bunny and it's helpers. :-) Hint Hint MOM!

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 photo 20130331-IMG_4120_zpsefc5fbe4.jpg

After we get done hunting all of the eggs, everyone has to take their baskets to their parents so we can count and make sure we have them all. We always end up missing a few. And this year was no different. But while we were out hunting the missing eggs, we hear a helicopter. Uncle Bobbie was flying to take us up for a ride. I had mentioned that I was ready to go now and so out they came that night and landed at Uncle Nathan's. Talk about an Easter surprise. The kids loved it! First up was me, Michelle and Kayla said she wanted to go. Josie was panicking saying she didn't want to go, so she stayed behind with Little Bobbie. What an absolute blast! It's alot different than an airplane.

 photo 20130331-IMG_4125_zps4ae17a84.jpg

We just flew around the Dolan area but Kayla got to see her house. When we landed Josie decided she did want to go. So she went up with Granny and Aunt Emily.

She loved it as well!

 photo 20130331-IMG_4129_zps34f0a863.jpg

I was so proud of her, I woulnd't have done that at her age.

 photo 20130331-IMG_4133_zpsabbfec9b.jpg

 photo 20130331-IMG_4140_zps7e9b8684.jpg

Then he took Uncle Nathan, Nathan Garrett and Greg up. Nathan Garrett said that was the best Easter ever.

And then to top off the helicopter ride, we "smashed the eggs". Which involves bats, and hard boiled eggs. So much fun!

What has been your best Easter ever?

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday we went to Granny's for Easter with her. Michelle and Nathan both had to be at their in laws on Sunday at lunch, so we moved Granny's up. After we had our yummy supper all prepared by Granny, the kids dyed Easter eggs. We try to get together with all the kids so they can do this stuff together. Riley wasn't into it too much this year. I think he really only dyed a few eggs. But the girls had fun with Mike and Mama Carole.

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 photo 20130330-IMG_4104_zpsdbbc9cf6.jpg

Where all do you have to go for Easter?

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Packing for California and Easter Eggs

I was getting ready to leave for work and Josie was downstairs with Mama Mike. I heard them in her room, so went in there to tell Josie bye. Lo and behold, she was packing. I asked her what she was doing and she was already packing for her trip to go see Aunt Brandy, that we aren't doing until this summer. Luckily I had my camera in the basement. The settings were all off, but the memory is now documented. Pictures don't have to be perfect, its all about getting the moment documented.

 photo 20130329-IMG_4072_zps34671a00.jpg

That night after Daddy getting home and supper, we colored our easter eggs, for our annual "bashing of the eggs". Josie was quite a bit of fun this year. And we had no major messes. Even Daddy got into it!

 photo 20130329-IMG_4088_zps9ebe200b.jpg

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 photo 20130329-IMG_4085_zps1f892998.jpg

Do you worry about the perfect picture or the moment captured?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Playdate at Work

Josie got to go over to Abby's last Friday and spend the day with them. Her first ever play date all on her own. She did great!
I told her that maybe Abby could come with us to work one day. So sure enough she came to work with us today. They had a great time! They had all of her kitchen stuff out and had it all filled with water. Making me all kinds of things to eat and try!

 photo 20130326-IMG_4070_zpsea63de89.jpg

 photo 20130326-IMG_4067_zpscd805823.jpg

They even had some coloring time while they ate push pops that Uncle Nathan got for them over at the store.

 photo 20130326-IMG_4059_zps116e7ec5.jpg

What kinds of things does your child make you to eat?

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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Good Job for Mt Dew

The only thing I think Mt Dew is good for! A BB gun target! Can you tell I don't care for Mt Dew? No in all seriousness, Daddy & Josie got the BB gun out and had target practice. This kid is pretty darn good, for not being able to really hold the gun herself. I never had my own BB gun. Nathan had one and I remember playing with it. But what I remember most, is Mom getting mad, cause when she would clean his closet, there would be BB's all over the floor and she would sweep them up.

 photo 20130315-IMG_4005_zps2cf7fb5d.jpg

 photo 20130315-IMG_4011_zps14ffe81b.jpg

 photo 20130315-IMG_4026_zpsef5a9a05.jpg

And that Mt Dew can, got it!

 photo 20130315-IMG_4040_zpsf5fdd6bc.jpg

I couldn't resist while we were outside to take a picture of our boots. I think Josie's are just the cutest! And unfortunately, she is really close to outgrowing them.

 photo 20130315-IMG_4036_zps72477a2e.jpg

Did anyone in your family have a BB gun? Did you grow up with "You'll shoot your eye out!"

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tea Parties and Gummy Boogers

Josie wanted to hang out in the basement tonight. So we had a tea party and played in her room. Gertie wanted to join in on the fun, but Josie told her she couldn't drink out of a tea cup so she had to watch.

 photo 20130313-IMG_3990_zps45b17bca.jpg

Daddy joined us when he got home and we had tea and gummy worms. The gummy worms ended up in the bedroom away from Mommy and then all of a sudden, Josie had one growing out of her nose! OOOOHHHHH!!!! Worm booger!

 photo 20130313-IMG_3963_zpsd0b9449a.jpg

And then Daddy took over her bed and her Kindle and the tea party was over. She wanted to watch him play and help him with the games.

 photo 20130313-IMG_3975_zpsba08a541.jpg

What food has ended up in your child's nose?

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pure Concentration

I love the look of pure concentration. She doesn't even know I am in her face with my camera.

 photo 20130312-IMG_3959_zps5f125a14.jpg

What is your child's favorite game on their Kindle/Ipad?

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh the Caramel Goodness

What better way to end the weekend but with a bowl of Caramel covered Ice Cream! A girl after her mother's heart.
 photo 20130304-IMG_3957_zpsa0beafac.jpg

What is your Sunday night treat?

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday, String Cheese and Clickinmom's Assignment

I love me some Saturday mornings! Especially in the "winter" months, when it's pretty out but too cold to really go outside and do anything. Everything is so relaxed. No where to go and only housework and playtime to do.
Josie is getting to be really good at occupying herself for a little while, so Mommy can get the housework done. Especially with the Kindle. She'll crawl up in her swing and play her Umizoomi Math Game, Temple Run or Subway Surfer game. She's getting to be pretty good at them all.  photo 20130302-IMG_3945_zps016cd434.jpg Mommy had an assignment I needed to do for my Clickinmom's Shooting 101 class. So smart me, sets her up in the art room for lunch. She decided to have a picnic with Kit, so she joined her for her lunch of ham, crackers, apples and string cheese.  photo 20130302-IMG_3934_zpsa8cd9612.jpg And I got some good natural light photos for my class.
This expression here is so her!  photo 20130302-IMG_3938_zps5a51b9d1.jpg And I LOVE the eyes!!!
And then we of course had to have some silly time, so I had her making a smile with her string cheese and this is actually the one I turned in for the assignment.  photo 20130302-IMG_3942_zpsa548cc9a.jpg I love the color combo. Unplanned but it definitely looks good in the pic.

What do you do on a Saturday morning?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Gummy Worm Excerise

Josie uses our exercise equipment more than we do! She loves playing on it. And she tells us she's exercising. Even if she is up there in her jammies and eating gummy worms at the same time. Oh well! She's too young to break the news that, that isn't how it works.

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