Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday, String Cheese and Clickinmom's Assignment

I love me some Saturday mornings! Especially in the "winter" months, when it's pretty out but too cold to really go outside and do anything. Everything is so relaxed. No where to go and only housework and playtime to do.
Josie is getting to be really good at occupying herself for a little while, so Mommy can get the housework done. Especially with the Kindle. She'll crawl up in her swing and play her Umizoomi Math Game, Temple Run or Subway Surfer game. She's getting to be pretty good at them all.  photo 20130302-IMG_3945_zps016cd434.jpg Mommy had an assignment I needed to do for my Clickinmom's Shooting 101 class. So smart me, sets her up in the art room for lunch. She decided to have a picnic with Kit, so she joined her for her lunch of ham, crackers, apples and string cheese.  photo 20130302-IMG_3934_zpsa8cd9612.jpg And I got some good natural light photos for my class.
This expression here is so her!  photo 20130302-IMG_3938_zps5a51b9d1.jpg And I LOVE the eyes!!!
And then we of course had to have some silly time, so I had her making a smile with her string cheese and this is actually the one I turned in for the assignment.  photo 20130302-IMG_3942_zpsa548cc9a.jpg I love the color combo. Unplanned but it definitely looks good in the pic.

What do you do on a Saturday morning?

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