Friday, March 15, 2013

A Good Job for Mt Dew

The only thing I think Mt Dew is good for! A BB gun target! Can you tell I don't care for Mt Dew? No in all seriousness, Daddy & Josie got the BB gun out and had target practice. This kid is pretty darn good, for not being able to really hold the gun herself. I never had my own BB gun. Nathan had one and I remember playing with it. But what I remember most, is Mom getting mad, cause when she would clean his closet, there would be BB's all over the floor and she would sweep them up.

 photo 20130315-IMG_4005_zps2cf7fb5d.jpg

 photo 20130315-IMG_4011_zps14ffe81b.jpg

 photo 20130315-IMG_4026_zpsef5a9a05.jpg

And that Mt Dew can, got it!

 photo 20130315-IMG_4040_zpsf5fdd6bc.jpg

I couldn't resist while we were outside to take a picture of our boots. I think Josie's are just the cutest! And unfortunately, she is really close to outgrowing them.

 photo 20130315-IMG_4036_zps72477a2e.jpg

Did anyone in your family have a BB gun? Did you grow up with "You'll shoot your eye out!"

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