Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and our Helicopter Ride

Sunday morning Josie and I awoke and the Easter bunny had came! Daddy was fishing, so he wasn't there to see it all. Josie was so excited for everything the Bunny brought her. She got a princess tshirt, some makeup, princess Build a Bear, and some American Girl stuff, just to name a few.

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After that, we got ready to head to church. The kids had a hunt there as well.

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We went to Granny's after that with Dad & Mom and had some left overs while we waited on Daddy to get home. Once he got home, we went to Nana's. I forgot the camera in the car, so I don't have any photos there.

Then after that we headed to Dad & Mom's to have the Richardson Easter and the "smashing of the eggs." (I LOVE this part!) After dinner, the bunny hid all of the eggs, for the kids to find. I think the number this year was 110+. Hard to hide that many eggs. I sure feel sorry for the bunny and it's helpers. :-) Hint Hint MOM!

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After we get done hunting all of the eggs, everyone has to take their baskets to their parents so we can count and make sure we have them all. We always end up missing a few. And this year was no different. But while we were out hunting the missing eggs, we hear a helicopter. Uncle Bobbie was flying to take us up for a ride. I had mentioned that I was ready to go now and so out they came that night and landed at Uncle Nathan's. Talk about an Easter surprise. The kids loved it! First up was me, Michelle and Kayla said she wanted to go. Josie was panicking saying she didn't want to go, so she stayed behind with Little Bobbie. What an absolute blast! It's alot different than an airplane.

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We just flew around the Dolan area but Kayla got to see her house. When we landed Josie decided she did want to go. So she went up with Granny and Aunt Emily.

She loved it as well!

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I was so proud of her, I woulnd't have done that at her age.

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Then he took Uncle Nathan, Nathan Garrett and Greg up. Nathan Garrett said that was the best Easter ever.

And then to top off the helicopter ride, we "smashed the eggs". Which involves bats, and hard boiled eggs. So much fun!

What has been your best Easter ever?

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