Monday, June 24, 2013

Swimming & Last Game

This year for swim lessons, we had to do them during the day and Mama Mike had to take her. I got to take her on the Monday that I was off. She did a really good job this year. She had the same teacher that she has had before and I thought that was great. She actually graduated this year to the next level of swimmer. She's my little fish!

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On June 24th, she had her last baseball game. She got to finally play catcher! I was so excited to get to take photos of her being catcher. She really didn't say if she liked it or not. All she said was that the pads hurt her leg when she bent over. She got binged several times with the ball but that didn't seem to phase her. And she got her first ever trophy!

She had a lot of spectators come and watch her last game. She had both sets of grandparents there, Bret, Amber and Gracie, and Troy and Alyssa. She is one lucky girl to have so many people care for her enough to come to watch her at a game.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Over

I'll be glad when this season is over. I have to fight her to get ready to go to her games. She doesn't want to put her uniform on, then the socks and then doesn't want to wear the cleats. Then she doesn't want to go at all! I never have to argue with her like this on gymnastic nights. But we wanted her to try it and told her she had to complete the season. She says she's not going to do it next year. I have a feeling if I ask her next year though, she'll say she wants to. She enjoys it once she gets there. But I think I might just keep my mouth shut next year. It's not worth the hassle!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day and Birthday Celebrations

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Butch came home this weekend. Uncle Butch had to take his bassoon to Indy to get it repaired. We haven't seen him for several years. It was nice to get to just hang out with them. We all went to Granny's to celebrate Father's Day and my birthday.

After dinner everyone took rides in the Model A and the old Ford. Josie absolutely loves to ride around in those. She thinks its the neatest thing ever. She might end up being a machine head and have some things in common with her Daddy. I sure do hope so, being a Daddy's girl is one thing, but being one that likes cars is another!

She is definitely a good mixture of both Mike & I. She likes music, flowers, dancing, baking and crafting like her Mommy. She likes cars, fishing and hanging in the garage like her Daddy.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sick & Cuddles

Nothing beats cuddling with Mommy & Daddy on a blow up mattress watching movies while you're sick!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Flu Season

My poor baby has gotten the flu! YUCK!!! Angalene had her on Friday and called me before lunch to tell me that Josie had fallen asleep on the couch. I told her she was probably getting sick. She then called me during my lunch hour and the poor thing was running a temperature. Then around 1:30, I got another call that she was throwing up. We have been fortunate in the fact that she has not really gotten a "bug" before. She might throw up once a year and that's about it. Once she does, she is usually back to normal. But not this time. I went on home once I got my work stuff done, and I have never sat with that child through one movie let alone three. We literally set and rocked and watched three movies in a row. She was really down for the count!

Saturday we woke and she was feeling pretty good. She wanted to go to ball practice but I kept her home. Instead we got in the pool and played for a bit. By supper time, she had crawled on the bed and fell asleep again. I couldn't resist taking a photo.

 photo 20130607-IMG_4436-copy_zps96a7a85b.jpg

Luckily by Sunday all was right in the world!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

French Lick & Baseball Tournament

We originally went down to French Lick to see Riley play in Paoli's baseball tournament. We have had awful rains this year though and it ended up getting canceled. We already had our rooms reserved though so everyone decided to go on down. The kids had a great time in the pool.

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