Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloomington Fire Department Field Trip - Sherwood Oaks Christian School

On September 27th, Josie had her first field trip with her pre-school. Mommy rode along on the bus and helped with the kids. We went to the Bloomington Fire Station downtown. Josie did really well until one of the firemen went to put on their uniform they wear during fires. She didn't like that all that much. There were a few tears, but it didn't last long once she saw some of the other kids around him.

She said she had a really good time and I was thankful to have a job that I could take off to go share this moment with her.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Merged at Last

Okay, so now I have everyone of my blogs I have ever had all merged here on this one. The photos from Blogger look like doodoo on Wordpress. But it's alright for now!

I'm just glad to have it all in one place. And from now on, this blog will reflect what is going on in "OUR" lives, not just by business. So from time to time, you will see a portrait session that I have taken, or you may see something I have baked. This blog will most definately be a memory keeper of Josie's childhood above and beyond anything else. I hope to have some followers along for our journey, but if not then that's alright as well.

Here's to you Sixtyone20, and I hope to be able to keep you up to date!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue the Kitty


Fonts: You are Loved

Tan Background Paper: Cronin Barrow Barette Everyday Summer

Brown Paper & Floral Print: Samantha Walker Blossom

Striped Paper: Jessica Sprague Bright Paper Kit

Orange Dot: Crystal Wilkerson October Solids Distressed

Green Ribbon: Crystal Wilkerson Sweet Papers Kit

Banner: Pink Paislee Portbeach Kit

Grunge Frame: Persnickety Prints Sweet Chic Collection

Photo Corners: Echo Park Hello Summer