Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clickinmom's Shooting 101 Class

This weeks assingment, I hadn't had time to do at home, so I had to take advantage of Josie being at work with me and just do it there.

We first had to take a photo with window light and show a pull back. So off to the boardroom we went and utilized the windows and the table.

20130221-IMG_3752 20130221-IMG_3753 20130221-IMG_3754 20130221-IMG_3756

She is such a ham! I didn't get any really great smiles, but I accomplished the assignment. Check out these eyes!


These are straight out of camera! I love the clarity of the eyes!

Course I had to take some of Belle too, she couldn't be left out.


The next two assignments were creative assignments. I chose the aperature as one creative. It was really by accident though. I just set Belle up there to try something completely different. Josie was playing at the end of the table and happened to look back at me, with my camera in hand. I think it is so funny!


Then the last one I chose was a shutter assignment. The idea was to have Josie on the sit and spin and take a photo of her spinning, I was seeing hair flying and her as a blur. But it just never turned out! She couldn't go fast enough for one and secondly she was over me taking photos!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another day of warm weather!

I can't wait for spring to get here. Josie has been so good this year and not asking much about outside. But here lately, she is really starting to get the itch and wanting to go out and play. One thing I'm gonna have to do is go buy her some "rubbers", she has outgrown the ones she had and I won't let her in the yard in her tennis shoes. So when she goes out, she has to play on the deck. If you saw our yard, you would understand why! But she was just happy and completely satisfied to be outside.

20130217-IMG_3736 20130217-IMG_3727 20130217-IMG_3725

And then after bath, it was cuddle time with Daddy!


These are few and far between. Most the time I have to tell her to go sit with him. And when she does, it only lasts a few minutes. Now if I'm not around, she'll be his little buddy, but if I'm anywhere in sight, forget Dad, she wants Mom!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Clickinmom's Shooting 101 Class

Here's another assignment from my class. I really like this photo. I'm going to do some more editing on it with a diferent tutorial I found that I think will really work for this shot. But I just love her eyes, and couldn't resist posting it!


Monday, February 11, 2013

My favorite kind of Day! A Day at Home!

I love the days we stay at home, just Josie & I. The only reason I like winter is being able to hang out all cozy in the house with no where to have to be.

As most days in our home, the dolls and animals are usually out and lined up somewhere by Josie. Today the spot of choice was the bay window and it was her dolls, playing school.


And if you don't find her playing with the dolls or animals, then it's in the art room. We spend probably 70% of our home time in this room. I love the days that I can play in the art room with her creating my own little masterpiece. But most times, the responsibility of Mom and Homeowner, over take my play time. I need to hire me a little fairy to take care of all the stuff so I can play!

20130211-IMG_3679 20130211-IMG_3681 20130211-IMG_3682

Even the animals like to hang in this room and lay in the sun.

And although I don't like cleaning house and the chores, I do love a clean floor! Check out our new hardwood. I can't decide if I like it or not. I like it when it is clean and it is cleaner than carpet over all. But it does show Gertie's dirty paw prints quicker than the carpet! I hate living in the woods and wish I would have some grass to get rid of those muddy paw prints.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week One Class Photos

I finally got to take Shooting 101 class from Clickin Moms. For the first week assignment we had to take 3 different photos with 3 different lighting situations.

For the first photo, we did it outdoors.


Then we moved just inside the front door up stairs.


And then window light. We headed to her bedroom and her bed.


And some silly faces, can't take pictures without some of those!

20130205-IMG_3603 20130205-IMG_3607