Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another day of warm weather!

I can't wait for spring to get here. Josie has been so good this year and not asking much about outside. But here lately, she is really starting to get the itch and wanting to go out and play. One thing I'm gonna have to do is go buy her some "rubbers", she has outgrown the ones she had and I won't let her in the yard in her tennis shoes. So when she goes out, she has to play on the deck. If you saw our yard, you would understand why! But she was just happy and completely satisfied to be outside.

20130217-IMG_3736 20130217-IMG_3727 20130217-IMG_3725

And then after bath, it was cuddle time with Daddy!


These are few and far between. Most the time I have to tell her to go sit with him. And when she does, it only lasts a few minutes. Now if I'm not around, she'll be his little buddy, but if I'm anywhere in sight, forget Dad, she wants Mom!

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