Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch French Lick

When we left on Saturday, we stopped at the ranch down the road and went to their pumpkin patch. While it was kind of expensive, it was also neat and fun. They had a zip line there for the kids and now Josie wants one at our house. (Mommy does too) She got to see some animals. They also had a really neat "tree house" that was there. It was gorgeous, the whole thing was made out of cedar and had a loft in it that would have made an awesome little sleeping area.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Smart Girl & French Lick Trip

Just have to share this, on October 25th, at the water office, Josie and I were drawing. Here's the conversation:

Josie: I did 5

Me: Yes you did

Josie: You only did 3

Me: Yes

Josie: You need 2 more and you are same as me.

Seriously!!! When did this happen. This child amazes me everyday with the things she learns and comprehends.

On October 26th, we went to French Lick with Mike & Angalene. Angalene, I and Josie drove down as soon as I got off work. Mike & Mikey drove down when they got off. I got in the pool with Josie and it was freezing! I like warm water not cold. But Josie had fun.


After we played in the pool and hot tub a while, we went and took our showers, got dressed and headed down to the arcade. Got the boys some pizza and Josie decided she needed to eat again. We had planned on bowling but the alley was really busy and no free lanes, so instead we played on the video games. Josie got on one of the racing ones and it was hilarious watching her. She beat and bang into absolutely everything she could hit.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catchup on our Disney Cruise Part 2

Sunday morning, we got up and took the shuttle back to the airport to catch the shuttle to the boat. Once we took care of all the registering, we boarded the Disney Cruise Bus.

Check out the upholstery on the seats.

After an hour drive we catch our first glimpse of our boat.

After the shuttle drops us off, we begin our adventure into boarding the boat. There were people everywhere inside that building but it wasn't too hard to figure out where to go. I definately don't think I'd want to drive myself to a port. It was nice letting someone else take care of all of that.

This was hanging above our heads on the way down the hall to the ship entrance.

After walking in line, getting our photos taken, we enter the boat. They ask your name as you board and then everyone claps and they yell "Welcome the Jones Family". That was pretty cool.

Once we boarded we had nothing to do until we could get into our rooms. So we hung out. Called everyone before we left to let them know we were on the boat and then we set off exploring.

We got in our rooms and were completely impressed. The rooms are a really nice size and the port hole window is huge. Josie loved playing in it anytime that we were in our room.

The details were amazing, you would find Mickey Heads in the most amazing places.

After our instructions about our lifeboats and jackets, it was time for the Sail Away party. That was such fun! So many characters and so many neat outfits. I love the TV! We want one at our house, how cool would that be to hang out in the pool and watch a big screen TV hanging on the side of your house.

After the sailaway party, we went and hung out on the deck to see the ocean as we were leaving port. I don't think Josie even knew we were moving until that point.

On this deck was shuffleboard, so Daddy taught Josie how to play it.

Off to dinner. Our first night was at the Royal Palace. Wow, amazing!

[caption id="attachment_4427" align="alignnone" width="580"] Our Bread Basket[/caption]

After dinner, we went back to our room, Josie saw her first animal made out of towels. I guess it was our first as well, but it didn't surprise us like it did her. We knew they did it.

The cabin cleaner had also closed the curtain infront of our couch, when we opened it up, lo and behold, a bunk bed! Josie was estatic!