Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apple Acres Pumpkin Patch

On October 13th, Michelle, Mom & I took the kids to the pumpkin patch. That place was packed! Now I think we definitely need to skip church and go on Sunday mornings. Not nearly as busy. We still had a great time though!


The kids got to pick out their pumpkins and then pick out a smaller one that they could carry back to the tractor. The big one that Josie picked out for Mommy to carry was huge. But sure was a pretty pumpkin.

Josie picked out a little pumpkin and everyone kept poking fun at the little pumpkin she picked out. It didn't even weigh an ounce and Mommy didn't have to pay for it. But she was super proud of that pumpkin.


I got a photo of Riley & Josie on their own pumpkin but Kayla wasn't going to cooperate with me on her own. So the only way I got a photo of her was with the other two.


Josie & Kayla rode some ponies before we left. While they were riding, Josie's pony made a neigh sound and shook, Kayla was behind her on her pony, got to laughing and then asked Josie how she got her horse to do that. Course we all laughed and the people running the horse ride thought it was pretty funny too.


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