Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day and Birthday Celebrations

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Butch came home this weekend. Uncle Butch had to take his bassoon to Indy to get it repaired. We haven't seen him for several years. It was nice to get to just hang out with them. We all went to Granny's to celebrate Father's Day and my birthday.

After dinner everyone took rides in the Model A and the old Ford. Josie absolutely loves to ride around in those. She thinks its the neatest thing ever. She might end up being a machine head and have some things in common with her Daddy. I sure do hope so, being a Daddy's girl is one thing, but being one that likes cars is another!

She is definitely a good mixture of both Mike & I. She likes music, flowers, dancing, baking and crafting like her Mommy. She likes cars, fishing and hanging in the garage like her Daddy.

 photo 20130616-IMG_4846-copy_zpsa4703d6d.jpg

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