Sunday, April 21, 2013

Patience and Tolerance

That is what a Doberman has. I don't understand the rap these dogs get. If you've ever been around one for more than an hour, you would know they are the most patient and tolerant dog. Poor Gertie, she gets yelled at, hit on, wallered on, drug around and put out of rooms when Josie doesn't want her. But she just sits there and does as she is asked by her four year old master. These two have the relationship that I wanted Josie to experience growing up. Nothing beats having a dog!

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This particular day, Josie was in the mood for Gertie to be her sister. She was bossing her and laying with her, rolling all over her. And then, they are gone. I look in the kitchen and Josie is on her knees by Gertie's dog bowls pretending to be a dog. Before it was all said and done, Josie had some of her own bowls in the floor and was eating and drinking like Gertie! This pic will be blackmail some day! LOL

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What is the best breed of dog you've ever had?
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