Friday, April 26, 2013

Are we crazy?

Josie had her first sleepover. When we got to our house, immediately, the girls were on the instruments. You couldn't even hear yourself think, but they were enjoying themselves. We had the drums, guitar, recorder and piano going. Our own little band!

When Daddy got home, we took them to Macri's to eat. Josie wanted to take Abby there.

 photo 20130426-IMG_4202_zps89557da4.jpg

 photo 20130426-IMG_4206_zpsf96607f0.jpg

When we got home we played Pop the Pig.

 photo 20130426-IMG_4216_zpsc797123c.jpg

And then the band came back out!

 photo 20130426-IMG_4212_zps04bc36b1.jpg

 photo 20130426-IMG_4215_zpse61d42c7.jpg

What fun things do you do at a sleepover?

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