Saturday, July 6, 2013

California, Day 1

Our first full day at California, we woke up early and Josie headed outside in her jammies. She had to see the pool in the day light.

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While we waited on everyone to get ready, she and Uncle Jim played with the pool toys in the house. She was Uncle Jim's buddy, while we were there.

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We headed to breakfast and Ole Country Buffet. It was some good food. Then we went to Target cause I needed to pick up a few necessities. Target is the same in California as it is in Indiana. Mikey had to go buy some new tennis shoes so we went in the mall. Yep, just a mall.

Then Brandy had to tell Mikey about the Bass Pro there, so we had to go there too. I was so over shopping at stores we have at home, I told him no more! And of all things for Josie to buy, she bought a rainbow trout pillow that is the same height as her. Good luck shipping that one home!

After all the shopping, it was home and to the pool. Exactly what I came for. SUNSHINE!!!

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We even got Daddy in the pool. He and Josie had contests on holding their breath.

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And for supper we went to a Hibachi bar. I've been to one before but it was a new experience for Mike & Josie. Uncle Jim tried teaching Josie how to use her chopsticks. She got pretty good with them by the time we left.

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And then it was home and time to just hang out and relax.

The bathroom that we had, had a shower door on it instead of a curtain. Josie has never used one of those and it was hilarious listening to her and watching her. She thought it was the neatest thing that you could see each other while she was in the shower. Oh, what little it takes to amuse a 4 year old.

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