Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Girl

This girl of mine, she cracks me up! Yesterday morning while she was waiting on us to be ready to leave to go to the zoo, she climbed up on the chair in "mommy's living room" with her computer and says "mommy, i need to check my email" She gets funnier and funnier by the minute. I don't want to leave her anymore. Not that I ever wanted to leave her but I want to be there for all those little funny saying and doings.
Man I wish I could hit that lottery! I guess you got to play though to hit it.
I ordered a pattern to make her & Kayla matching dresses to go with their American Girl dolls. Depending on how hard they are to make, I'm going to try and make them and sell them on Etsy. We'll see how that goes! But that's another project for me to work on. Like I need anymore, I don't know why I do it to myself as if I'm not busy enough but I do it anyway. That's whats been stopping me from getting Josie a kitten or a dog.
One: I don't think I could handle potty training a puppy right now. (taking off next week to hopefully potty train Josie)
Two: A kitten is cleaning a litter box and sweeping up hair.
So Mike suggested Saturday night that we get a fish tank. I didn't know he would consider that one but he really doesn't want a cat. And he knows I don't think I can deal with a puppy right now.
I told him a fish tank was fine with me but I want a big one. I don't want one I can only have two fish in. If I'm going to do it, then I want some fish you can actually see.
Course after taking her to the zoo yesterday a fish tank may not be a good idea. We took her in where you pet the sharks and that is probably where she spent the most time. We went back twice and the second time, I think if Daddy would have let her go, she would have climbed in with them.
Then she kept yelling at the Polar Bear and yelling at Daddy telling him there's a Polar Bear. When we left, she had to tell the Polar Bear, bye.

The next thing she did, we got to the Tiger exhibit and we couldn't find the kitty, so she says "Here kitty, kitty!" Evidently the Tiger knows what that means! ;-)

Then we walked past the drawings on the ground and I remembered that I had that photo last year. So here is a side by side comparison.

Crazy what a year does! She looks like such a big kid now.
While waiting to go to the dolphin show we took a break and sit down next to the duck pond. She climbed up on the concrete sat down, and says "Hi ducks, How you doing?!"
She wasn't too impressed with the dolphin show. However, while we were waiting on it to start she kept telling us that she wanted to swim with the dolphins and that Mommy could swim too. Maybe, one of these days we'll get to do that. I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins.
After the dolphin show we stopped and had lunch. All she wanted was french fries so that is what she had for lunch. I know it is so nutrishous but that's all she wanted. But we did get her a "dragon" cup. She won't let you call it anything else. It is a DRAGON!!!

We went to the Dessert exhibit and there was this Meerkat just hanging out! I thought he was pretty funny!
Next stop was the plains. And this was just one of the few times she would ride in her stroller. Mommy's back couldn't hardly take anymore.

All Josie wanted to see as soon as we got there was the giraffe's. So this was the area and we told her that. We first passed some zebra's and she wasn't too impressed with them.

Then some birds and finally the giraffes. There was actually 5 of them and two were babies, so that was kind of cool. We spent quite a while there watching them eat the tree branches.

She wasn't too impressed with much after that. Then all she wanted was to go eat ice cream. We did go look at a few more exhibits. One was the rhino's. She was okay with them until one got excited and started snorting as he was walking pretty fast. Later in the day as she was walking she stopped mid track and proceeded to tell us how the rhino blew with the bending over at the waist and blowing out of her nose.
She loves Snuffy on Sesame Street and she knows he's an elephant so I figured she would be excited to see elephants. Plus when we got to them they were playing in the water rolling around and stuff, but she still wanted her ice cream!

After the elephants we gave up and just went to find her ice cream. We ended up getting the ice cream right outside the splash pad. She told me she wanted to go play in the water so we went after we were done with the ice cream. I didn't think she would really play in it much. I thought at the most she would get her dress damp. I was wrong!!! We had to go buy her a new shirt to wear home cause her dress was soaked and hanging off of her. She loved that place! I'll know next year to put a suit on her or take a change of clothes.
Here's how she started out:

And here is how it ended up:

After this we went and bought her a shirt and then went back to the shark tank. I think all in all, she had a great time! We bought a stuffed giraffe at the gift store and it came home with us.
I'm ready for next year!!!

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