Wednesday, June 15, 2011

35th Bday

Wow, I've got some catching up to do again! I feel like this is the beginning of all of my posts anymore. But life is busy and sometimes it just gets in the way of things!
Anyway, I'm going to work my way backwards with photos, so if you are interested, just bear with me.
Monday, the 13th was my 35th Bday party. And this year it seemed like we celebrated it every day of the weekend.
Saturday, I got up and went to get my hair done at Christie's. After that, I met Mom and her and Dad bought me some clothes for my bday. Mike called while I was in town and he and Josie were going to Marsh to buy some shrimp to smoke out for me that night. So he made me my birthday dinner that night. It was really good!
Then Sunday night we all met at Cafe Pizzeria for my birthday party. I think this might be the new place for us for my birthday. We went there last year as well, and it so nice to have the room to ourselves, kids can go from booth to booth and not disturb anyone. Nothing to have to clean up and no meal to fix. Easy is right up my alley now!
Mike had Josie out all day running and visiting so needless to say she didn't get a nap. When we drove into meet everyone she fell asleep and then woke in a mood.
I honestly can't even remember what she was pouting about here. This is the norm anymore when I'm around. She can be the perfect little angel for everyone else, but if I'm there, then it is pout time and backtalk time! Why is it the Mom's get to have all the attitude?!
I handed the camera over to Mike and he and Michelle were playing around. But this picture he got of Michelle isn't bad.

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