Thursday, October 27, 2011

BUGS ~ Gymnastics ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

Josie and Kayla were invited by Kayla's friend Mollie to BUGS for a friend day. The girls had an absolute blast and Josie calls it "magics". Took me a while to figure that one out! :-)
Anyway, after her Sport Shorties was over, I asked her if she wanted to play basketball this winter or do gymnastics. Right away she told me gymnastics, so here we are. This is their first class. It's a very small class of only 4 kids including Kayla and Josie. Josie is pushing a two year age difference with the other three girls but she's been keeping up just fine with them and she thoroughly enjoys it. Course what "monkey" wouldn't like flipping around. And she is definately a little monkey! Their teacher's name is Christie and she is really excellent with them. I think they are learning more and having more fun here than they did last year with dance.

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