Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day

Okay! December 25th, Christmas Day. We had to wake Josie up. She was still snoozing. Would have liked to continue snoozing also, but we had to be down at Dad & Mom's by 8:30 for breakfast and Christmas down there.
Josie asked Santa for a DS, Barbie and some Squinkies. Of course her list kept getting longer as the month went along, but those are the things she actually asked Santa for.

Daddy got an XBox for his Christmas and Birthday.

Then it was off to Papa Doug's and Mama Carole's. First we start out with a huge spread of a breakfast, that mom makes.

Us kids got Dad & Mom a new video camera so we let them open it up while we were eating breakfast so that they would have it.

Then off to open presents.

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Emily got him an IU basketball signed by all the players.

Mikey was the only boy that would hold up his presents for us to take photos. So here he's being a smart butt!

Rick & Mike opening up mine and Michelle's presents from Santa. That Santa so comically wrapped and put the boys names on.

The kids were jumping in the wrapping paper after everyone was done.
After hanging out down there a while, it was off to Aunt Sandy's for Christmas there.

Josie, "uncle" Rachel, and Sophia
Josie was absolutely pooped after this long and exciting day. She was out before we even got out of Hyde Park.
When we got home though and she woke up a little, she had enough energy to play with all of her new toys and to play Kinect with me. Notice she had her Christmas Jammies on all day. The child didn't want to take them off.
I forgot to take photos of her Gingerbread house she made at Aunt Michelle's with the kids. So I shot a few before I threw it away. I'm so surprised we made it through 2 weeks of it sitting on our counter and Gertie not getting it to eat.

I am always so glad when Christmas is over. All the hustling and bustling is tiresome! Now for next year!!!

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