Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picture Heavy

Just had to share this craft that I made. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a 40 x 32 inch matboard at 50% off. Came home printed out some 8x8 photos, glued them down and covered the seams with ribbon. I attached it in her toy room with the 3m hangers.
Josie is in to dressing herself now. Sometimes she gets it right and other times she ends up with the clothing knotted on her head or two feet in one hole of her bottoms!
We didn't get to take the "Father's" out for their annual breakfast on Father's Day so we took them out the next weekend to Bob Evan's. I ordered Josie pancakes and all she ate was the whipcream on the top.
Michelle & I took the kids to Riddle Point. Mike went with us but he went fishing while we swam. Once Josie got comfortable she had a blast!
Daddy is working on Papa Doug's motor so when he goes to the garage we go down also. Josie likes to help him, plus Papa Mike & Uncle Chris are usually there.
She loves to play in the rocks while she is down there because she can walk in the rocks down there better than the ones up at the house.
She was thirsty while we were down there so I let her have a water bottle. She will put it to her mouth but instead of sipping it, she sticks her tongue in the bottle. It is funny to watch.
And right now we are all about the popsicles. She has anywhere from 3 to 5 a day. And when you ask her what color she wants, 99% of the time it's "Bue".
On this night, Daddy built a fort and was sitting in it as he was building it. Josie walks up to the "window" and says "Chicky nuggets and French Fries, Pease!" I guess she thought it was McDonald's. I so wish I had some to give her cause that was way too cute & funny!
We had friends & family over on July 3rd and Mike & Chris fried two turkey's and Mikey roasted a pork loin. Everyone else brought the sides. Nathan Garrett & I filled 200 water balloons. I had bought 500 but after 200, I couldn't feel my fingertips anymore from tying them. Rick & Michelle brought their water slide over for the kids to play in, which just ended up being Kayla & Josie and Riley, Mason & MacKenzie played in my new "trailer park" pool!
I was so happy when I went through the photos and found these two of Riley popping a water balloon over Josie's head. She is getting the heck out of dodge in the second photo!
She couldn't throw the balloons hard enough to make them pop so we were trying to get her to just squeeze them. She finally figured it out, but I think she might get a hemerroid after all the grunting she put into it.
Nathan Garrett stayed the whole weekend with us and went home Tuesday night. He wanted me to give him a mohawk while he was there. After I gave him one and he got out of the shower, Josie was in the living room with him while I was in my room and she comes running into me stuttering "Garrett, mooooooohaaaawk!"
She started out the weekend calling him "Uncle Nathan" then it was "Nathan Garrett" and when he left it was just "Garrett". No matter how many times Nathan & I corrected her.
Josie eating lunch and playing the Wii with Daddy.
We went swimming in our "trailer park" pool and when we were done, Josie helped Daddy pick blackberries. While we were in the pool, she would point to them and say "Strawberry Shortcake, I eat them". So while they were picking she had to lick a few.
Last night, she climbs up on her table on her stomach, and says "Ook, Mommy! I swimming!"
Today, she came to work with me. She hasn't been here for a while and after she got use to Kenneth, he was her buddy. It helped that Mommy gave Kenneth money to go buy some popsicles! :-) She is still telling all the customers "Thank you, you're welcome!" all in one breath.
Mom keeps telling me I am getting my just reward because she is so much like me and I'm really starting to see it now in her personality. Daddy, told her last night when she got a little smart with him, that she is acting too much like her Mommy. Hee Hee! You're outnumbered now Daddy!!! Just wait another year or so.

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