Friday, July 30, 2010


I can't believe that we will be celebrating Josie's 2nd Birthday this Sunday with family & friends. I have been planning her party for a very long time but...... now the time is here. I think I have everything ready but I can't believe that it is actually that time. I'm just praying for no rain and no humidity! Hopefully I will have time to post pic's next week.
On to what she's been up to. Michelle called me on Tuesday and the terd had climbed out of the pack-n-play that she takes her naps in and was sitting on Michelle's bed. Mom thinks it's hilarious how wild she's getting!
We have definately hit the terrible 2's. She is not listening to me at all until I get hateful with her. Although the counting thing is working still. I think it's about out the window though cause she smiles at you until you get to "two" then does what she is suppose to.
She is getting really bad on hitting, smacking and pinching. I don't know what to do with her. I spank her but for the most part it doesn't matter. And she will tell you "I hit". Aargh!!!
She will not stay out of the fridge or the freezer. She is constantly pulling on those wanting "ham" and "urkey", meaning her lunchables that are in the crisper. And if you give in and give her one, she doesn't eat it, she just wants to get it out.
We took her to the fair, Wednesday evening. She rode out with Aunt 'Chelle so she could ride Papa Doug's tractor in the parade with the kids. We got there in time to get photos. She didn't want to get off of it.
We then took her to go see the animals. I guess horses are okay if they are on the inside of a fence and your driving in a car. Cause we took her in the horse barn and she was nervous but talking about them. Then we walked up to one pen that the horse was walking around in, and it walked over to the gate to us and she freaked! Enough of those! She actually just enjoyed walking around the carnival area. She kept telling us "I ride". I think next year we'll go out and maybe ride a few.
Well I think that catches us up. But here are some scrap pages I have done this week. Been a busy little beaver and I'm caught up to April now.

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