Friday, September 3, 2010

Cruisin, Band-aids, Paints, Playdough, Doctor & Vacation

August 18th: Just cruising around the neighborhood! On her new Barbie trike with her Baby Doll and her new giraffe from the zoo.
Mommy got to take vacation August 23rd through August 30th. It was wonderful!!! Man, now I really wish I could hit that lottery and stay home with her. Didn't have to deal with any whining from her or me! :-) Got up when we wanted to, ate breakfast, played and watched TV, had lunch, took naps (sometimes Mommy too), get up and play some more, fix dinner and eat, then Daddy would get home and she would be all excited to see him. Which was nice and they would play some and then it was bath and bed and time to do it all over again. It was so relaxing and I was alot more relaxed than I am when I have to work.
We went to the doctor on August 23rd for her two year checkup. She weighed in at 34.8 pounds and 36 inches tall. Her development level was that of a Three Year Old. Dr. Malone said he was going to prescribe her some dumb pills to take. The only thing we had to do was a prick on the finger but the child bled like a stuck pig. The nurse had to hold her finger for a while and told me the bandaide needed to stay on a while as well. We left there and went to the bank drive-thru and then went to Kroger parking lot with the intentions of going in Hobby Lobby first. I took her bandaide off in the parking lot cause it was bothering her and it had been at least 15 minutes since she had been taped up. Well Mommy shouldn't have done that! She bled everywhere, the parking lot look like someone had been cut open. I hurried and got the bandaide put back on her and we headed inside to buy some new ones at Kroger's. She picked out SpongeBob and so starts our obsession with boo-boo's and bandaids.
We started hitting potty training hard when I was off too and she is most definately catching on. We still have the poo accidents but that's okay, those will happen. At least now we aren't coming to Mommy with poop in our hand like she did Tuesday when I took my time getting a pull up back on her. That was way gross, Josie!!!
We also tried some new activities. We got out the paints and some paper and we also started playing with playdough at home. Which so far she hasn't lost interest in yet and that will occupy her for quite sometime in order to get stuff done.

We headed back to work on Tuesday, the 31st. Josie nor I wanted to go back to work. She was whining for Mommy, didn't want to get out of bed, didn't want to change clothes. Wanted to lay on the couch with her blanket and watch Nickelodeon. After Daddy left and Mommy finished getting ready we headed downstairs to make my bed before leaving for work. I told her we were going to work after we made the bed and she informed me she didn't want to go to work. I told her that I didn't either and as serious as could be with her hand on her hip, she looks at me and says "U want to go to Church?" Oh Josie, you crack me up! I told her it wasn't "church" day. And off to work we went. She has came with me to work every morning this week except for Friday and she is doing really good with it. Course it helps that I haven't been too busy yet with customers. That will come next Tuesday after a long weekend and the first of the month, then we'll see how well she does. :-) But for this week it has helped with getting us both in the swing of things.
But by last night(Thursday) the early mornings and "her" late nights, I think are finally getting the best of her. I think she only lasted about 10 minutes into her Elmo movie after her bath, while I was getting things ready for the next day. And when I took her down to go to bed, she didn't argue with me at all.
Well I think that catches us back up again!

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