Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kites, French Lick, Cousins, Birthdays & Dance

Friday while Josie was at Michelle's they got the kites out since it was windy. This was Josie's first time of flying a kite and she thought it was hilarious. What was really funny was when she accidently let go of the string and the kite took off. Watching all three of them run after the kite was such a site to see.

This past Friday night we met Dad & Mom in French Lick for the kids to play in the pool. Rick & Michelle headed down with the kids shortly after 4:00 and Mike and I headed down after he got off work to meet them. When we got there Dad met us and I went straight to the room to change into a bathing suit not thinking a thing about it. I figured the kids were in the inside pool and all was well. Well when we got down there they weren't in the indoor pool cause it was ice and the outdoor pool was warmer. That was fine and dandy but the wind was blowing so being above water was not fun.
We got the kids talked into going to the hot tub instead. Riley & Josie went right in, however Kayla whined about it for a while until she got brave enough to get in. They had a blast in it. Josie is way too brave for her britches! She was constantly jumping off the steps and at one point, she reached up to the railing and picked her feet up and slid straight down the railing into the water. She most definately keeps Mommy on her toes.
The kids didn't want to get out of the tub but there was a KidFair outside with inflatables, face painting, balloons, and carnival games. Once Josie got  use to the inflatables she had fun. (Mommy had to go in with her the first time and then on one other ride.) Once done with those Riley & Josie got their face painted. Riley told her she wanted a pirate flag but instead got the skull & bone, Josie wanted a kitty and she got that. She was so happy! Kayla didn't want anything so she just got a sword balloon and she was content with it. All in all, I think everyone had a good time! Would really like to do it again and have some time to go on the train as well. That and I hope the next time the indoor pool is warmer!
After we were done, we left the kids in the room with the Dad's & Papa to take their baths and Mama, Michelle and I went to the casino. I lost $32 in about 15 minutes, but it was fun!
Saturday after we finally got Josie to wake up from her nap, we headed down to Cindy's. Amy was here from Virginia and they were having a cookout. We had a really good time. The kids played and watched movies. They all got a long really well.

Sunday, we were going to go to Riley's game, but once again Josie napped over because she wouldn't go to sleep. She finally feel asleep around 3:30 and I didn't want to wake her. Plus everyone was coming over anyway to celebrate Uncle Nathan's birthday. We had pizza, ice cream, cake and cookie. And once again, Josie dug in the icing. But this time, we had the cake on the counter and she went and got her stool and climbed up on it so she could reach the cake to get in the icing. Then when she was sitting on Uncle's lap to blow out the candles, she was grabbing handfuls of icing.
I think is going to be one continuous photo of her at birthdays. But Mommy likes icing too, so she gets it honest.

I love Riley's face in this one, laughing at Josie. Kayla oblivious to what is going on.

The kids had a good time, playing in the room with all of the toys in it. Kayla got into all of Josie's dress up stuff. Rick put up Josie's tent and you could sneak in the room and listen to the three in the tent calling Kayla, "Your Majesty". Aw, the days of imaginations! Why do they go away?!

Kayla even dressed up Papa Doug.

Tuesday night was Josie's first dance class for this semester. I don't know who's child that was in that classroom, but it wasn't my daughter. She would stand in the corner and just watch the girls, not participating at all. If she was her normal self, she would have been pushing the girls off the balance beam so she could have a turn and hitting them with the pom-pom's. But not last night! Even Mommy was in the room doing the dances looking like an idiot trying to get her to do it.
This morning when we left the house, she wanted to take her cell phone and her camera with her to Aunt Michelle's. On the way over there she informs me to turn the radio down, so I do, she gets on her phone and calls, Michael. Stating, "Mommy, quiet, I call Michael."
Technology, what is it doing! :-) I can blame this one on Daddy for sure, cause I'm never on my cell phone, it is always him.

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