Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dance Recital ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography ~ Bloomington, Indiana

Josie had her first dance recital this past Sunday. She did a really good job. I kept telling her to do me a favor and she would ask what, I would say please don't put your finger in your nose on stage. She would say "Okay, Mommy! I do that at home!" I guess I can't ask for more! :-)
We also asked her on the way in there if next year she was going to do dance or basketball and she told me basketball. So I guess we'll wait and see, but I do have a feeling it will be basketball.
We went out to the fairgrounds Thursday night for practice before the show. They also got their class photos done that night. We ended up with two, because two of the girls didn't make it in time, so after they were done practicing, we went out and took them outside.

In the first photo we have two girls missing and in the second one we only have one missing.
After that Kayla and a few of the others wanted photos by themselves taken.

Josie was too busy watching all the other girls and Riley. She kept wanting to follow him and climb the fences. Not a good idea in panty hose and tap shoes little missy!
So we took her photos when we got home.

Is she posing, or what?!
Then comes Sunday at the show. The girls had to sit in the bleachers with the teachers and surprisingly most of them did really well. We caught Josie & Kayla pushing each other a few times. But that's nothing new.
Josie helped one of the girls onto the stage that was crying. Most times she is being bossy and a bully, so this was surprising that she was being nice. And guess what! No nose picking!!! YEAH!!! I have figured out that I think it is a nervous habit cause she does it when she is in different situations. If it's not the nose, then she is chewing on her fingers.

Check out the expression! Does she look like her mother or what?! Am I suppose to admit that?
Then at the end of the show, all the participants were asked to go on stage to receive awards and ribbons. Josie & Kayla were the only two left from our class.
And remember about me saying, she's bossy and a little bit of a bully. Well, we finished off the day with this!

I have no idea who this girl is, I have no idea why she did it. Other than, this is my Josie!!! By the time it was said and done, she had pulled her all the way over to her and had her on her back. I don't really remember now how and or who stopped it. All I was trying to figure out was how I was going to stop it. When we asked her why she did that and that she's not suppose to do things like that, she would reply "But I helped the girl that was crying!"
So I guess she thought she deserved a bad thing for doing a good thing. Lord child! There were a few comments in our rows, that she gets that from her mother. And right after this photo was taken and it was all broke up, finger straight up her nose!

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