Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Our Newest Member of our Family

This past Sunday, I finally made the big decision on our new puppy! I have been wanting a doberman for as long as I can remember, but never wanted to bring one into the house until we had a child. Well, we have lost all of our dogs, and we have Josie now, she is potty trained, so I figured now is the best time. Plus we need new flooring in our house now anyway, so might as well house train a dog before we change it.
Anyway, meet Gertie! (Gertrude)
Josie wasn't too sure about her the first couple days, but she was also sick. Now that she feels better and is use to the dog being there and Gertie is now not jumping on her, she won't even let the dog sleep. Wednesday night when we got home after work, Josie and Gertie were going to "French Lick, school, and Florida". Josie packed her bags up and would tell me bye, and then tell Gertie to come on. She follows that girl everywhere! I hope they have a great relationship growing up together and that Josie will always remember her. There's nothing like a pet when you are a child.
Speaking of pets, Blue, the cat, still isn't too sure of her. She hides in the loft under the couch all day, until Gertie is put in her pen. Then she may come out. Last night, I took Gertie to get her ears cropped, so she had to stay the night at the vet. Once the cat figured out that the dog wasn't home, she wouldn't leave Josie and I alone. Poor thing! I figure this weekend I'll work with them being in the same room. I don't want Blue to have to live out the rest of her life, hiding! :-)

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