Monday, December 5, 2011

Reframing the Season~ Picture the Holidays~ December Daily

December 2nd prompt is:

Beginning December in a calm state of mind might seem easy (now). But, the frenzy of the holiday season can get the best of us and sometimes can come on with very little warning. There will be good days and bad but the gist is to look at this holiday season a little differently. This season we aren't only going to 'hope' to enjoy it (amidst the chaos) we will enjoy it! It only takes a little reframing.

As a symbol of looking at things a little differently, today you'll be using a literal frame for your image. You get to decide what goes in your frame today and how you choose to capture it!

I couldn't really come up with anything other than to use the literal frame, and before I knew it the day was almost over. So this is what I did:
Of course I would have had all three of my reason for the season, but Riley decided he'd have more fun going with a friend to a birthday party than to come hang out at his Aunt's house! I told him I was upset with him for ditching me to go to some ole' party!

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