Friday, November 29, 2013

Annual French Lick Trip

We went on our annual French Lick trip once Daddy got home from work.

We met Papa, Mama, Uncle Rick, Aunt Michelle, Riley, Kayla, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Emily.

And once again the kids had a blast! The girls were read to by Mrs. Clause. And then the kids hit the pool for the rest of the night.

 photo 20131129-IMG_7018_zpsf1c1195c.jpg

 photo 20131129-IMG_7019_zps6f87d2e7.jpg

 photo 20131129-IMG_7021_zpsb025b2a9.jpg

 photo 20131129-IMG_7022_zpsf1bc5438.jpg

 photo 20131129-IMG_7024_zps0091e148.jpg

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