Monday, September 19, 2011

4th & Jordan Art Fair ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

We went to 4th & Jordan art fair on September 3rd. I had never been there before and since I missed Art on the Square, I told Mike I wasn't missing this one. I was quite impressed. Never thought it would be this big and never imagined there would be people there featuring their art from Californie, Florida and other states. I figured it would be a local art fair, just like all the craft fairs we have.
I did look in every booth but the only ones I really paid much attention to was the photography and painting booths. Which meant to me, that I am obsessed with photography and it is not something I need to push to the side, it is something I need to continue to delve into deeper. I would love to some day have a name for myself in the photography field.
I saw the group from the Bloomington Photo Club and I think I might check into this more.
Anyway, here are the photos!
We had to stop and listen to the band playing.

Josie added some lace to a bike wheel that Wonderlab will be hanging up in Bloomington.

A piece from "911"

Looking down towards the festival

I edited this photo pretty dramatically but wanted the "red" to really shine.

I love photography! It makes you stop and look at things, you would normally walk right past. Have you ever noticed some of the iron work around town on our building?

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