Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gone Fishing ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

Daddy has made friends with one of his customers and in talking to him, found out he had a stocked pond at his house. He said that he could bring Josie fishing and his only rule was that she had to wear a life jacket.
The first time they went fishing there they took Papa Mike with them. Then on this Sunday, Mommy was invited. I haven't been fishing since Mike got his race car. We use to go every weekend and I always enjoyed the time outside just sitting and waiting on the fish to bite. I'm so happy Josie likes it as well. Maybe one of these days, we'll have our own boat and can spend the weekends on the lake! Oh Dreams!!
All ready and waiting on Daddy

Daddy bought her a new pole just like his

putting a lizard on his head

What?! Doesn't it belong there?

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