Thursday, September 8, 2011

Newport, Kentucky ~ Part 1 ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

We took Josie down to Newport, Kentucky to visit the aquarium just for a night.
She really wasn't too interested in the aquarium. I believe she likes the zoo's better. But she said she still had fun. She enjoyed all of the trip, and so did Daddy & Mommy.
Things had really changed since we had been there. The last time we were there, all there was - was the Aquarium.

On our way down, we saw a skyfull of skydivers. Crazy people!

I got some pretty cool photos of the fish.

Josie ended up calling the alligators "dinasours", so now if she talks about dinasours, this is what she means.

 They had a room you went in and could feed these birds. These particular birds, took the cup away from the lady that was feeding them.

 The underside of a stingray that swam above us.

 These two were playing outside the aquarium and Josie liked listening to them.

Will post Day 2, hopefully tomorrow. To be Continued.......

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  1. Those are some really great photos Shannon! It's cool that you guys get to do all these things with Josie and she enjoys them.Katie