Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Official Day of Preschool

Well, today was the first official day of Preschool. She said she was excited when I asked. And she sure was ready to go when it was time to leave.

I snuck out the night before and wrote on our retaining wall, to be able to take a photo of her infront of it. I plan on doing this each year with the School Year and Year wrote on it.


It turned out okay. I'll have to remember to use a darker chalk next year. And to not let her have gum before a photo. She couldn't smile with the wad of gum in her mouth.

It was off to school we went. She told me she liked the chalk on the wall that I did, and that it was pretty. I'll have to remember to show her that she can draw on it anytime she wants. We haven't done that up there since she was really little.

I made her stop outside Door 15 to take her photo. This is the door she will be dropped off and leave from every day.


Once we were in, we went straight to the potty. She thought it was pretty cool that it was toilets that were just her size. They were pretty darn cute!

She signed herself in on the paper by tracing her name with a marker.


The teacher, Miss Gwen, came out immediately and greeted her, gave her a big hug and told her how happy she was to see her. Led her in and got her nametag put on.


Showed her the letter "A" to color and the red crayons to do it with. This week the class will study "A" and red. She sat right down and started coloring. Then wrote her name on the page, which Miss Gwen was impressed that she could write her name already.


I think I was hanging around waiting to comfort and she didn't need me at all. Such a big girl! I'm so proud of her. This is the first time for Mommy that she has left her with someone she didn't know. But I know she will do great.

I took a photo of her and her teachers before I left. Meet Miss Gwen and Miss Jane.


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