Thursday, August 30, 2012

From the Mouth of Babes

Well I think I might have this Wordpress platform figured out! I actually like the way it posts photos better than Blogger. But now I have the task of bringing everything from Blogger over to here. I hadn't been able to post anything on Blogger since May and it has drove me nuts. This is how I keep everything that happens with Josie so that I will remember and so that when she's an adult, she will be able to look back at this and remember. Time is flying so fast, if I didn't keep it wrote down, I know that I would never remember it all.

On Tuesday evening, I stopped at Mom's to tan, getting ready for our vacation. Mom was in the process of cleaning her hutches. In these hutches she has family dishes that have been passed down for generations. She was telling me that when she passed we were to not sell any of this. I told her she was talking to the wrong child, cause antiques, especially from relatives, I absolutely adore! Even if I don't have room for them, I still take them. They are a piece to our history. I hope that Josie grows up with an appreciation of this.

While I was in the tanning bed, Mom was telling Josie as well, that when she died, Josie and her cousins had to make sure that Me, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Nathan didn't sell any of this stuff. The next morning I dropped her off at Mom's while I went to work. Josie and Mom were getting ready to go meet the girls (Aunt Susie & Cindy) to go shopping. Josie looked at Mom's sandals and proceeded to tell her that she liked her shoes. Mom told her "Thank You". She then asked Mom, "Mama, when you die, can Mom have those shoes?" See she does pay attention!

At the beginning of August, she was playing school with Mike in the art room. She told him that if he got in trouble, he would have to go to the "Princess Office."

Josie and I were driving somewhere back in Mid-July, out of the blue she told me that I needed to have a talk with Daddy. When I asked her why, she told me, so he'll let me sleep in your bed. We have been working with getting her to fall asleep in her own bed and to stay in it all night. For the most part, she has done pretty well. She gets a dollar everytime she does, and then she can use this money to buy what she wants when we go to the mall. So far she's only bought Build A Bear's, which is most definately something she does not need. After the last Build A Bear, I was counting the ones that she had on her bed, and there were 21. That did not include any that she had on her shelf in her room or throughout the house, where she had been playing with them.

Josie: "Does Granny have woods?" Me: "No" Josie: If she did she'd go mushroom hunting and cook them, then Daddy would go eat them. I don't like mushrooms."  End of conversation!

Josie: "Mom, do I have to have a baby when I grow up?" Me: "That is completely up to you." Josie: "I don't want to."  End of conversation!

Listening to her talk to one of her many imaginary sisters. "My grandson, he passed away. Never came back. He went to California for 20 weeks."

She has such an imagination! It is out of this world, she has pretend friends and now has pretend sisters. Although, she has not mention for me to have another baby. Which at 4 years old, I am surprised. She has been around pregnant friends and family of ours, and still never mentions it. She is a very happy little girl. And very rarely gets herself into trouble. The only issue we are starting to have with her, is she is very bad about interrupting you when you are talking, by backtalking. But I guess I deserve that one, cause I can plainly remember doing that to my Dad & Mom.

Now onto a scrapbook page I made recently of her and Riley, aka Bubby.


Background Page: Funky Playground and Sir Scrapalot Designs SSA Lucky Kit

Doodle Border: Crystal Wilkerson October Sweet Elements

Embellishments: Samantha Walker Designs A to Z Mega Kit, Danni Mogstad Dapper Dan Kit, Danni Mogstad Playdate Kit, Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday 2012 Collaboration Kit, Studio Basic Design Time Flies Kit, Dani Mogstad Hometown Proud Kit, Dani Mogstad Snap Happy Kit

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