Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we started out by finding Sprite in the kitchen with the reindeer food. Josie had made some at preschool, and Sprite got it out of her bag, added the magic to it, and stirred it up for her.
Daddy had to work in the morning, but once we got home, we gave Josie her annual Christmas jammies from us.
We then headed to Papa & Mama Mike's. Josie had fun chasing the cat around while waiting to be able to open her presents. She received a tumble mat, a book swing, books, movies, clothes, etc. etc.
I let Josie pick out everyone's Christmas presents this year. All the men got IU shirts and all the girls got long sleeve tshirts. Basically all of them were pink of course!



After going home and unloading from the first round, we head to Granny's. Where Santa Clause always comes and visits. Josie was scared of him again this year. Didn't make sense to me, completely comfortable with the ones at the malls, but not at her Granny's.



Granny is an elf for Santa Clause ya know, so she made a monkey pillow for the car and painted a tea set for the girls too. She then gave them to the Elves to take back to Santa.
Thinking that was it for the night, we head home to get Josie in bed so Santa can come. But instead she has another visitor bringing her a Christmas present. So while she waits on him, she gets Santa's cookies ready. This year she gave him Sprite and Oreo's.
Her visitor was Troy, he brought presents from him and Alyssa. They got her a frog towel for the bath and a Belle figuring for her room. She loved both!
Once we were all asleep, Santa came and brought us a pretty good pile!

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