Monday, December 10, 2012

Gingerbread House and Choo Choo Trains

December 10th - I had bought some gingerbread house kits before my surgery so that Josie and I would have something to do that would occupy her time. I started this tradition when Nathan Garrett was really little. We use to get together every year and make a gingerbread house. I still remember the first year we did it with Josie, all she was interested in was sucking the icing out of the tube.


She didn't last long but we got them done over a period of a few days.
When Daddy got home this night, he and Josie put the train together. The only tree we could fit it around was Daddy's up in the loft. So they hung out up there for quite a while, just watching and playing with the train.

This year I bought some new stuff for our banister. It didn't turn out as I hoped, but it was still pretty. I wish I had the decorating knack of trees and banisters, but I don't, so I do the best I can!
Here's a close-up.

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