Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's Play Daddy

Mikey took Josie to play in the snow finally. He'd been busy dealing with pushing the snow and taking care of sidewalks, he hadn't had time yet. I of course can't go out and play cause of my surgery, but I did sneak out to take some photos. Walking carefully of course so I wouldn't fall.
She could barely walk in the snow, it was so deep.

She then decided it was a good thing to throw the snow in the air. It didn't pack into snowballs though, so we weren't really in any danger from her hitting us.


Then she finally stood still so I could get some pics of her.

20121229-IMG_3401 20121229-IMG_3403

They then tried to build a snowman. They ended up with one with a very tiny head!

20121229-IMG_3413 20121229-IMG_3422

They even got out the shovel and the bucket she uses in the sandbox and made a castle. It didn't last very long cause as soon as Gertie went outside and Zoro came over to play, the castle was knocked down.


After digging and building, she decided to do the snow angel thing, and Daddy got the bright idea to bury her in the snow from the waist down. She thought it was hilarious.


We then moved onto playing on the swingset. We finally talked her into trying to go down the slide. She tried at first with all the snow on the slide and that didn't work so well for her, so she got her shovel and scraped all the snow off. Watching her hit the bottom after that was quite the show. Everytime she would go down it, she would slide that much further on the ground. She had a pretty good trail made by the time she was done.

20121229-IMG_3427 20121229-IMG_3432 20121229-IMG_3438

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