Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mikey's Birthday at Macri's

Mike didn't want his birthday party again this year. All he wanted to do was go to French Lick with the group. We are going to do that, but we had to have something, so we went into Macri's for dinner. Mike, Angalene, Dad & Mom joined us.
Of course that is Josie's favorite place to go but it's because she always has Troy & Alyssa to play with.
Alyssa accidentaly made her pink sprite one time and we have to get it everytime now. No one else has been able to make it the right way yet, so she makes sure Alyssa always gets it for her.
They got a new golf game and she had Troy playing that with her.
Last year, Mike surprised me with my birthday party at Macri's and we had to take photos at the Photo Booth when we were there. So when we got done and was ready to leave, we of course had to do it for Mikey's too.

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