Monday, January 21, 2013


Emily and I took the kids to Wonderlab on Martin Luther King Day. I was afraid that Riley would get bored before the girls, but he had an absolute blast! Some IU students had different areas set up that they could participate in a project. It was pretty neat!

20130121-IMG_3567 20130121-IMG_3534 20130121-IMG_3535 20130121-IMG_3545 20130121-IMG_3554 20130121-IMG_3562

They all got to make their own earthquake by jumping up and down on the floor infront of a computer. The first part on this is Kayla's earthquake, the second is Josie's. Riley took his, so I don't have a copy of his.


The girls also colored their own beetles at a station. This is Josie's.


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