Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catchup on our Disney Cruise- Final Episode

So on the last day, we had to be off the boat by a certain time. We chose to skip breakfast, so we could just hang for as long as possible. This was the absolute best vacation I think we have ever taken. So much so that I highly recommend it and am ready to book my next one. After taking this cruise, I don't think, we'll do the Disneyworld thing until Josie is older. She had so much fun on this cruise being able to do as she wished. Not having to rush to see everything, yet able to see as many characters as she wanted.

I do have some things I want to remember for next time. One I would go straight to the store and get an autograph book, second, anytime the princesses are out, I would drop whatever we were doing and go to them straight away. They by far had the longest line waiting on them. I would skip all of the restaurants except Animator's Palace, just to be able to see more of the ship. The food that is available to you all day is just as good as the restaurants and now that we've seen them all it wouldn't bother me to skip them. I would go to all of the shows, they were wonderful! Plus the only time I can get Mike to something like that without him complaining. I would spend all day at the pool, being in the sun as much as we could and do everything else at night or early early morning. Try to get a closer seat to the Pirate night show and the Sailaway party. Take Josie to the kids floor so she can see it. And not book our home flight so late in the day. We were worried about rushing Josie, but being there as long as we were, was awful!!!

Here's some random photos from our hangout at the airport, literally all day long!

Of course Josie did perfectly fine hanging out there but the only way to really occupy her time was shop. Course then we had to carry all of that on the plane cause our bags were already in the baggage. So I would either stay the night again, somewhere, and catch a flight earlier in the day, or I would have them book me a closer to flight to when we get off the boat.

Before we left the airport, we let Josie put her pj's on. We knew she would fall asleep and sure enough, we had to keep waking her up cause she had gum in her mouth while we were taxing down the run way. Poor little girl was pooped! But as soon as we landed and saw Papa & Mama, she was wide awake and mouth running the entire way home.

I am so ready to go back. I dont' want to go back to reality, it was nice being able to spend time together with nothing that we "had" to do! I hope we can take vacations like this every year.

Here are just some random Instagram photos from the time we left, til we got home. Notice the photo with Josie sitting on her art table at home. She is calling everyone and telling them bye. She's actually talking to Aunt Emily in this photo.

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