Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catchup on our Disney Cruise Part 5

Today is our last day on the ship. Bummer! This was the best vacation ever and very well worth the money. Cheap actually when you consider.

Today is Castaway Cay, Disney's privately owned island. Josie's first experience with the ocean.

We start the day off of course eating breakfast and staring at the gorgeous water. Oh what it would be like to live somewhere like here! I'm sure you would grow accustom to the view and it wouldn't really mean anything after a while, but us "Indiana's" can just imagine!

When we got off the boat, Donald Duck was there taking photos. He was hilarious! He was flirting with some guys wife and try taking off with her. When it was our turn, he was leaning all up against Josie. I don't think she knew what to think, but she took it all in stride and talked about how silly he was the rest of the day.

When we got off the ship, we walked all the way up to the beach, just to see what all was around there. There was actually quite a bit to see just in the path up to the beach area.

There was even a cat. Course all the people around us, were calling a Ferrell kitten, but to me it's just a cat. Basking in the sun, and let Josie & I pet it.

And even a stray dog! LOL

And then of course there was some shopping. We stopped to browse on the way to the beach.

We made it to the beach, picked us out some chairs and Josie and I took off to get in. Even the lounge chairs had the cruise icon on it.

Daddy & Josie had fun playing with sea shells and making a "castle" and decorating it.

Mike thought I was crazy when I took this photo, but I love it!

Josie and I were digging around in the sand in the water finding sea shells, cause we were going to go to the "kid" area of the beach. She ended up getting stung by what we think is a jelly fish. She told me a sea shell scratched her, then said she got bit, cause we had seen a baby crab shortly before that. Just whiney, not crying. We were wrapping towels around us and I noticed on her arm, she had red splotches. So I wrapped her up in  a towel to go find first aid. That's when she started crying. The guy at the first aid was great, he knew exactly what to do and said it was a jelly fish. We couldn't really understand him very well but we did understand that part. So after that little escapade, she was done with the ocean and ready to go back to the boat. We went to the store and did a little shopping and headed back to the boat.

We got her in the pool and she was worried that something was going to sting her again. We had to explain several times that it was not the ocean water and there wouldn't be anything in to sting her. She had a great time playing in the pool and on the slide once again. I think next time, we might forget the ocean and just stay in the pool.

Just a quick shot of my smoking chairs! They actually were pretty comfortable.

We swam until dinner time and then we ate at the Enchanted Garden. Belle joined us, aka Josie.

They cut Josie's food up every night for her.

After dinner we went back to our room to see what tonight's towel was and Josie to eat some of her chocolates that he left us.

Tonight we went to another play, this one was Tinkerbell based and it was an absolutely awesome show! Josie enjoyed all of it. I now know we can take her to a musical and she will enjoy it.

I wish you were able to take photos of the actual show, but copyright infringement, they wouldn't let you.

After the show, we told Josie that we would let her go out to the pool and swim as late as she wanted to, and that Daddy would take her on the Aquaduck in the dark. Well the Aquaduck, they got to do one time, before they shut it down, because of the wind. I got in the pool with them and couldn't handle it. It was way too cold for me and they had the hot tub shut down too. So Daddy was a good sport and swam with her, while Mommy stayed out wrapped in towels.

This silly girl was freezing to death but just had to get in the shower that was on the deck.

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