Friday, November 16, 2012

Catchup on our Disney Cruise Part 3

We woke up in Nassau, Bahamas.

Had our breakfast. And then hung out on the boat, until time to go on our excursion to Atlantis.

The princess' came out for some photographs, the line was awful and we had to get to our excursion. So we told Josie we would get them all later. Little did we know, we would never make it to the majority of them. Live and learn, we know for next time. Princess' come before everything else!

We did have time to get photos with Princess Minnie and Princess Daisy. Josie wouldn't stand with them by herself, so Daddy & Mommy took turns.

While standing in line, look what I noticed as the band board around the staircase.

Josie and I go to one of the public bathrooms to get ready for our excursion. I open the door and turn around and say "Oh My God, Look At This". Mike thought I was crazy, but look!!!

Walking to the meeting place for the excursion, we found out why the safety boats were wet during our emergency drill. I guess they exercise them and the workers at the ports. Here they are lowering one in the water.

Now here we are waiting on our excursion to begin. We chose to go to the Atlantis Aquarium and an Atlantis Tour. Check out the overhead lights in this room. Shape of Mickey, once again!

Little Missy, thinking she is funny and rolling her eyes at Mom.

My gorgeous girl, setting foot on Nassau Bahamas!

The drive to Atlantis was very adventurous. You would not believe the roads, these taxi people and the residents have to drive on. One road we were on, you could literally stick your finger out the window and touch a parked car, next to the taxi.

Atlantis Aquarium

We had to walk through the casino of Atlantis to get to another part of our tour. I told Josie, she's the first kid in the family to be in a casino and made her let me take her photo. Children were allowed in there, they just weren't allowed to touch any machines.

She took us through a whole tour of the Atlantis, describing everything the Atlantis people were believed to have done. I guess I should have read about them, cause I had and still have no clue what she was talking about. Josie was completely wore out and lost interest once we left the aquarium. It was a lot of walking and she went really fast. If we were to go back, I think I would have been just as happy staying on the boat.

Once the tour was over, we went to find Mommy some cigarettes, didn't know I could smoke on the boat, and I didn't have anything. I got some at a humidor there in the hotel. It was pretty cool, Daddy didn't think of it while he was there that he should have gotten a cuban cigar. Oh well! You know for next time too!

This is a view of Atlantis from our boat, and Daddy & Josie loading the boat and going through customs.

When we got back on the boat, Tinkerbell was taking photos. So we told Josie to hurry up and pee and we would go get her photo taken with Tinkerbell. She got so excited, she forgot about the step up into the bathroom, tripped and busted her mouth on the toilet. Blood and tears, everywhere! She was screaming!!! Don't need to tell you, we didn't make it to Tinkerbell that night.

But once she calmed down, she wanted to hang out in the window. She loved the window in our room and it was pretty cool that you could fit up in it.

We ate at the Animator's Palace this evening. This is my absolute favorite of all the restaurants. The decor was awesome, the Crush on the movie screen, was awesome, the food was awesome! All in all, it was AWESOME!!!

All Josie ate that night was fruit and some ice cream. She was afraid to eat cause of her mouth.

[caption id="attachment_4493" align="alignnone" width="533"] The busted LIP[/caption]

The absolute gorgeous sunset. The photo doesn't do it justice.

After dinner, while we were walking back, Princess Tiana was there for photos. She gets her first photo with a princess. We didn't have to walk up the "people" with her. She did it all by herself.

We get back to our room, and tonight was an elephant. He found Mike's sunglasses he had left in the room and the elephant was wearing them. Josie thought that was hilarious, but all she cared about was whether or not her bunk bed was down.

Even though we had the catastrophe of the tooth and mouth. We had a really good day! This is the best vacation ever!!!

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