Friday, November 16, 2012

Catchup on our Disney Cruise Part 4

Today was our day at sea. It was so relaxing! We loved it. Josie was happy as long as she was in water, Mommy was happy as long as I was in the sun.

We started our day out in the Mickey Mouse pool. Had pretty much the whole thing to ourselves for quite a while.


Once we got hungry, we just wrapped a towel around us and headed for some breakfast. They had the Mickey waffles. They were really good!

After breakfast, we headed to get Josie's photo with Tinkerbell. She was impressed that Josie had already been in the pool and had already had breakfast.

And back to the pool/water we went!!!

Josie slid on her Mickey slide for hours!

We had to take a few rides on the Aquaduck. That was the coolest thing ever and she loved it. Daddy & I would take turns riding with her.

These smokestacks on the side of the ship didn't play the normal "honking" sound when the horn would blow. They played music, such as, It's a small world. Pretty cool!

Disney thinks of everything! Not only can you eat food all day long, such as pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries. All those famous kids cuisine. But they also had their own ice cream machines. They had a special flavor everyday too. The best was the strawberry/banana twist.

And of course you can't forget the shopping! Josie loved that cause she had all that money she got from her birthday party to do what she wanted. It was great, cause for the most part, we didn't have to tell her NO on something she wanted. Cause she had her own money to pay for it. She's cheesing in this photo outside of the Disney Movie Theatre.


We went back out. Mom went up to the bar to smoke and get a drink. I had asked the bartender for some cherries for Josie cause she was wanting mine out of my drink and I didn't want her eating them since they had been in alcohol. From that point on, he asked me if Josie needed cherries, so every time I went up there she got a cup of cherries.

While Daddy & I were lounging Josie decided she wanted to pose for the camera. There are a lot more pictures than this but I picked out the funniest to share.

After having the bartender running around trying to find Mike some Jagermeister and Red Bull, he remembered me every time I went up there or if I saw him anywhere else on the boat. And he would call me by name. I thought it was comical so I had him come take a photo with us and then he took a photo of Mike, Josie and I.

We then went to the movie, Timothy Green. I have never been in a movie theatre that you could take your drink into so I thought that was pretty neat.

That was not a good movie for me to go to. It hit way to close to home. I was bawling by the time I got out of there with Josie asking what was wrong with me.

After the movie was Pirate night. They first put on a show and then later in the night was fireworks. Everyone dressed up in pirate gear. They even left bandanas in the room if you wanted to wear those, so that is what we did. Josie bought a hat though. And then had to put on her Belle dress for the fireworks.

When we got back to the room for Josie to put her Belle dress on, the house keeper had put Princess sheets on her bed and her bath toys she bought that day. She was disappointed that she didn't have her bunk bed but the sheets made up for it.

And our towel that night was in the shape of a Pirate.

I had to take a photo of my bar/smoke area.

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