Monday, August 12, 2013

The Start of our First full week

Today is the start of our first full week of school. We'll see how this is going to go! I'm still currently off on Monday's, so I got to go to Michelle's to get her on the bus and take photos. Today their normal bus was running late, so they had to get on another bus to go to school.

Then since I was off, I got to go to Mom's to get her off the bus and get some photos. On Monday's they get off at Mom's house since Michelle is still at work. And then Wednesday mornings they get on at Mom's cause it's a late day and Michelle and I are at work. Mom is going to really enjoy that cause she gets to fix them their breakfast every week. The kids love it too, cause they actually get a "breakfast" and not a grab what you can and get ready breakfast. We are very fortunate to still have our parents living in our school district that they can take care of the kids if need be. I know if it wasn't for Mom, getting them on the bus on Wednesday mornings, Josie would have to do before school care.

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