Monday, September 30, 2013

Kids Were Here September 2013

I stumbled across a blog that was titled "Kids Were Here". I thought, what a great concept, so I tried my own this month. That is when I remembered. I hope to remember to take more photos like this before they get cleaned up cause this is a Mommy that can't stand it!

 photo 20130918-IMG_6065_zps77bd65f4.jpg

 photo 20130918-IMG_6071_zpsf98237ad.jpg

 photo 20130918-IMG_6061_zpsc34f17d3.jpg

 photo 20130918-IMG_6062_zps1bc2139e.jpg

 photo 20130918-IMG_6038_zpsabf24ca8.jpg

 photo 20130930-IMG_6348_zpsdd6b3da4.jpg

 photo 20130930-IMG_6349_zps94079c4e.jpg

 photo 20130930-IMG_6347_zpsc68de42b.jpg

 photo 6120-sig.png

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