Friday, September 6, 2013

Nathan's Birthday and Silly, Silly Girls

We celebrated Nathan's birthday tonight at Granny's. Aunt Shirley and Uncle Butch came in and they joined us.

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Before it got to dark out I needed to take Josie's 5 year old photos. I hadn't done them yet and wanted to use Granny's chair. I couldn't get Josie to cooperate very well but I did get a few. Then Kayla joined in and I got some of them just being the Silly Girls that they are.

 photo 20130906-IMG_5980-copy_zps1c892624.jpg

 photo 20130906-IMG_5983-copy_zps8eb61658.jpg

 photo 20130906-IMG_5987-copy_zpse7f5ed84.jpg

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