Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Hunting we will go ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

Lord, why do I continuously fall behind in these blog posts! I need to clear my brain and start over with life! (would be so nice at times)
Anyway, long overdue, Mike took Josie hunting the day after the Halloween party. Mommy told her I was going to do absolutely nothing on Sunday but spend time with her. I didn't keep my promise completely, the OCD in me came out and I had to clean up a little bit. But I did go hunting with them, which is something I said I would never do again. Mike took me one time when we were dating and he said he wouldn't take me ever again either. I couldn't sit still, so if I wasn't smoking, I was breaking twigs. I don't think he liked it very much! HeeHee!
But this time I went and took my own shooting weapon, my camera!
Josie thought we were going to camp out cause he took his blind that he uses during turkey season. Now every time we go to the woods, she informs me that - that is where we went camping.
Here's some photos to share:
I wish this was more in focus, I love the simplicity of this photo and her holding onto "rapunzel".

She wanted a picture taken with "rapunzel".

Don't know what it is about men in camo, but ain't he hot! :-)

After she collided with the bow handle, that led to profuse bleeding, mommy let her play with her Iphone.

Love my baby! I don't look so good in camo though.

Going to check for some rub markings.
To elaborate on the bleeding issue. Mike had his bow hanging from the blind. Josie was on the ground coloring in her color book. She stands up and hits the end of his bow. She started her normal cry she does when she is hurt and/or gets hurt doing something she was told to watch out for. Which she was repeatedly asked to watch Daddy's bow. So she climbs up in my lap, crying, I'm rubbing her and trying to calm her down. She quits crying, so I get her to lean up to check her head. When she leans up, her entire face is covered in blood. My shirt is covered in blood, or should I say Mike's shirt?! We get her cleaned all up and it was a tiny little nick in the top of her head. I don't know if she bled that much or if it was mixed with all the tears. But she was fine as soon as we got her all cleaned up and she figured out she wasn't in trouble. I was so proud of myself when it was all said and done, cause I kept my cool and didn't flip out on all the blood. And I even got the blood out of all of our clothes!
She had to show everyone the nick the next day, which you had to really dig in her hair to find cause it was so small.
Uncle Rick calls her knot head, and I think she's going to keep that nickname for a while, as much as the child hits her head on things. But I'm thankful so far it has all been minuscule injuries.

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