Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reason I've been MIA ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

One of the main reasons, I had been MIA on this blog:

As some know and some don't. September 1st of this year, my brother and I took over the contract for B&B Water. We bought out Rural Water Maintenance (Ernie & Brad.) I have been employed by them for the past 7 years. The longest I have ever worked anywhere in my life! I guess that counts for something, right?
Anyway, I will have to get my Water Certification, so I have been studying the books. It has been so long since I have had to take a test. I wasn't really nervous about it, but I knew I wasn't really "getting" it either. My test was on November 3rd in Indianapolis. We had 3 hours to take a 100 question test.
I know what you're thinking, 100 questions, 3 hours, open book, simple! But no not really!!!! I won't find out if I passed until the end of November, beginning of December. Keeping fingers crossed cause I don't really want to have to study all of that stuff again! Makes my head do flips! But if I didn't pass, I'll hit them again and take the test again, so here's to hoping I passed.
And I think that is a pretty darn good reason to have slowed down on posts this time!

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