Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pretty Princess Shoes ~ Bloomington, Indiana ~ Dreams Do Come True Photography

I took Josie to the mall after my haircut and before Rachel's shower. We went to go get the "woody" costume at Build a Bear and look for Josie some brown and black boots.
We found the black ones and went searching for the brown ones. We went down to payless and as I was looking for brown boots. Josie found some pretty pink glittery princess shoes. She just had to have them, she said. Who is this Mommy to say no, to my spoiled little girl. Especially since they weren't Dorothy shoes! Those that know me, knows I do not like the Wizard of Oz and therefore I will not be buying her red no place like home shoes. Someone else wants to that's fine, but pink ones were just fine with me.
She insisted she wear them out of the store. This was the first, I remember always wanting to wear my new shoes home and how it was such a treat. She had to show everyone she seen her new shoes. It was totally cute!!!
On another note, Texture Tuesday's prompt this week was using and interpreting the #2 however we so choose. So once I remembered this photo, I did some playing around.

I did some burning on a duplicate copy of the photo, applies two layers of Ugglovebandw and a layer of graydayslate. Did some masking and some blend modes on the layers themselves. I think it turned out super duper cute, but I couldn't let it go and not put a quote on it. I guess this is my "new" thing! :-) LOL

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  1. Those shoes are just the cutest. I love how you showed the before and after images. Nice texture work. That quote is perfect.

  2. I love these little princess shoes! Pretty edits!

  3. (TT) Wonderful composition and beautiful quotation. Great job with the texturing. Thank you so much for posting. kareninkenai

  4. What a pretty pair-bet she loves them. Nice work!

  5. What fun, and thank you for sharing the process!